[Multi V] Russia LOTTE Business Center

Lotte Business Center

Office Building / Moscow, Russia

This building was originally designed with a chiller system, but the owner finally accepted to install LG VRF system, as it is more efficient, and easy to install and maintain, easy to control, and has a
possibility to collect power consumption data.

By realizing the importance of working with difficult climatic technology, LG Electronics Russia developed a B2B department with special cooperation platform for all participants of the construction. The team offered full engineering support such as CFD analysis, and provided the optimal solution for the building. Hence, this site has become a LG HVAC’s total solution reference, with more than 60 outdoor and 750 indoor units, 26 Air handling units, and even controllers.

As the first turnkey project of LG Electronics Russia, the HVAC systems in Lotte Building not only offers cooling, heating, ventilation but also humidification to all tenants. And also provides operational comfort and high efficiency. The control system allows to response quickly to emerging needs of tenants, and enables to track the energy usage.

By combining Multi V and AHU, the solution lowers energy usage, enables individual control, and provides big air volume to each area with its ventilation function.


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