Make the Most of Your Summer

As the dog days of summer are upon us and we are trying to make the most of the last half of the warm season. Some of us might try our best to stay inside with the AC on but many of us are looking for ways to enjoy our time outdoors. While a vacation to the beach would be ideal or migrating north with the birds might be an ideal way to cool off, there are plenty of ways to relish the outdoors in the hottest of months right in your own locale. Here are some ideas to get the most out of the rest of your summer.


Outdoor cinemas are becoming more common in big and small cities

Drive-in theaters have become a thing of the past, but you can still enjoy a movie outdoors on a mild summer night. Most cities host ‘Movie in the Park’ nights where locals can enjoy a free at a park, rooftop of the historic site throughout the week. Cities like London even have multiple series of outdoor movie events where patrons can watch movies atop skyscrapers with panoramic views of the city, in beautiful Royal Parks or even on boats cruising the Thames River. Look into what sort of outdoor cinema events are being hosted in your hometown. You can even host your own outdoor theater at home with a projector and a sheet hung in your yard.


You don’t need to go far for a campout.

Getting a group together for a camping trip into the wilderness can be a challenge, but more and more people are trying something known as ‘urban camping’. People are taking to rooftops around their cities or even in their backyards and setting up camp. Urban camping allows friends and family to conveniently enjoy the summer nights in unique settings while making an adventure out of their very own neighborhoods. Plan an interesting night in your backyard or rooftop and be sure to invite some friends.


Going for a swim is a sure way to cool off in the summer.

Finding a local swimming hole is a sure way to cool off from the heat. Whether it is a nearby lake or rock quarry, the pool at a local park or a hotel pool in the city, there are sure to be places to get some swimming in while summer is in full swing. Just being around water can also keep you cool. When water evaporates in heat, it immediately brings down the temperature of the space around it. So spend some time searching your neighborhood to find a place where you can get some sun and cool off by the water at the same time.


Explore the endless flavors at a food fair in your neighborhood.

The summer months are full of outdoor events and nothing beats a stroll through a local food fair to find something delicious to eat. Find out when the next local or international food fair is in your vicinity and take advantage of the chance to try some new foods or some local favorites. Food truck festivals are also a staple in the summer where you can find unique renditions of foods you know and some that you don’t. You’re sure to find plenty of snow cones, homemade ice cream or fresh fruit smoothies to cool you off as well. But don’t forget to stay away from the fizzy drinks and too much ice cream. When the sugar from those sweet drinks and ice cream is absorbed into the bloodstream and circulates through the body, it can cause dehydration. And eventually, your body needs more water to dilute the sugar, which makes you feel even thirstier. So, go for the healthier options for hydration in the summer.


Fishing by the lake or sea is relaxing way to pass time in the summer.

For a bit of relaxation in the cool summer mornings and mild summer evenings, getting out to a fishing hole in the country will put your mind at ease. As fishing is best at dawn and dust getting an early start or waiting until the evening to head to a local lake or river will help you enjoy some of the best parts of the summer days and allow you to relax away from the beat of busy daily routines. Try talking to locals to find the best spots in your area and then find some shade to enjoy a peaceful sunrise or sunset.

Before summer comes to a close, get out and explore what your area has to offer. You’re sure to make some new experiences and meet new people on the way as well. There is no shortage of things to do and enjoy outside and it will make you forget about the heat.


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