LG VRF Solutions Making Impact in US (Part 3): The Sharpe Building at the Foundry

In the last part of this case study series, we learned about the LG VRF solution installed in the Mill at Dover-Foxcroft on the Piscataquis River in Maine. The LG HVAC solution installed in Maine provided an impeccable system for a unique and historic complex. Today we will look at the LG VRF system installed in the Sharpe Building at the Foundry in Rhode Island.

The LG VRF delivers a comfortable environment even in large, open spaces


How can LG Help you Renovate While Preserving the Existing Architecture?

The Foundry has a rich history that dates back almost 150 years. It was originally established in 1872 in Providence, Rhode Island. A renovation of the 157,500 square foot, six-story structure was planned to develop 196 loft-style residences in the historic building. Keys to the success of the project required an HVAC system that would retain the historic architectural qualities of the structure while taking into consideration the expectations of young professionals moving into Providence’s urban center for modern comfort and luxuries. The team responsible for undertaking the project set out to install an HVAC system that was energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing and quiet. An LG Multi V IV VRF heat recovery system was selected to maintain the aesthetic qualities of the historic structure while making efficient use of space. The small refrigerant lines utilized by the LG Multi V system offered a minimally intrusive solution without installing bulky ductwork throughout the building. LG’s energy-efficient Multi V IV VRF system was able to meet all the requirements of the Sharpe Building  and also delivered a cost-efficient solution with lower operating costs. The Sharpe Building at the Foundry is now fitted with a stable and efficient HVAC system that caters to its sophisticated residents delivering the upmost in comfort.

LG Multi V  units installed at the Foundry


Look out for our final installation in this series where we will learn about another LG VRF solution in the US.

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