LG VRF Solutions Making Impact in US (Part 2): The Mill at Dover-Foxcroft

In the first installment of this series, we took a look at the LG VRF installation at Columbia Square in Hollywood, California. LG delivered an efficient and cost-effective VRF system in its LG Multi V IV. LG also provided a comprehensive HVAC solution for the Mill at Dover-Foxcroft in Maine that succeeded in meeting the unique requirements at the historic site.


Gears remain on site from historic equipment at The Mill


The Challenges for this Historical Renovation?

The Mill at Dover-Foxcroft is a 60,000 square foot complex that is made up of 9 structures that were constructed between 1841 and 1944 on the banks of the Piscataquis River in Maine. The site was left vacant for almost 10 years before a development firm launched a project to completely renovate the complex and develop a multi-use facility with offices, residences, a cafe and a boutique inn. The extreme weather conditions in the region along with the specific comfort and efficiency requirements presented a unique challenge in procuring an HVAC system for the site.

LG Multi V Water IV Heat Recovery units


Fitting LG’s Geothermal Solution into the Existing Environment

LG delivered an HVAC system that meets the requirements for the complex while preserving the historic nature of the site with minimal modifications to the structure. LG’s complete VRF solution included 180 tons of LG Multi V Water IV Heat Recovery units tapping into the geothermal well system and featured a wide array of indoor units such as ceiling cassettes, wall mounted units, high-static ducted units and floor standing units. The almost entirely non-ducted system utilized minimally invasive refrigerant piping that did not compromise the structure of the building and maintained its historic value. The LG VRF solution proved to be the perfect mix of indoor units that allowed the system to meet the efficiency, comfort and aesthetic requirements of each space in the complex.


Keep an eye out for the next installation in this series where we will learn more about LG VRF solutions in the US.

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