LG VRF Solutions Making Impact in US (Part 1): Columbia Square

LG Multi V VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems were designed for maximum efficiency, top-of-the-line performance, unsurpassed comfort and custom control to deliver the ultimate HVAC experience to any installation. LG’s industry-leading VRF technology and duct-free solutions are having a major impact in the United States, where the demand for high-performance, flexible HVAC technology continues to be a primary factor in installation across the country. In this 4 part series,  let’s look at 4 LG VRF installations that highlight the versatility and performance of LG VRF systems. First, let’s find out about the installation at Columbia Square in Hollywood, California.


New and unique spaces were created for the new Columbia Square facility


LG Delivers Energy-efficient, Cost-effective solutions for Large-scale Renovations

In 1938, Columbia Square was built as the Hollywood headquarters for CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System), one of the largest commercial broadcasting networks in the US. The complex was constructed with some of the most advanced technology of the time and it played important roles in both broadcasting and Hollywood history. CBS moved its operations out of the Columbia Square facility and the space was repurposed as a multi-use facility that houses urban workspaces, restaurants, a shopping center and residential living. LG delivered an energy-efficient and cost-effective VRF HVAC solution for the renovated space that is also quiet, reliable, low-maintenance and easy to configure.


LG’s VRF system creates comfortable environments for all purposes


The LG Multi V Solution Meets the Needs of Unique Renovation Projects

The LG Multi V VRF system was able to meet the unique requirements of this renovation project with large glass windows and open spaces allowing the Columbia Square facility to obtain LEED Gold Certification.  The LG MULTI V system comes complete with innovative Dual Sensing Control that monitors temperature and humidity levels to efficiently manage cooling and heating. Equipped with LG’s Ultimate Inverter Compressor and boasting a large capacity for outdoor units, the MULTI V VRF is a powerful climate control solution.

LG Multi V 5 units installed at Columbia Square

As LG continues to deliver comprehensive VRF systems, we will see more and more cases where Multi V solutions are creating efficient and cost-effective environments in a wide range of spaces.

In the next installation of this case study series, we will examine 3 more LG VRF installations that have met the specific needs of the US market while offering flawless HVAC solutions for other unique facilities.

LG VRF Solutions Making Impact in US
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