LG Single Split Upgrade Means Customers Get More

The LG Single Split solution has been making waves in the HVAC industry as a compact outdoor unit that doesn’t hold back on delivering performance. These versatile units are able to be combined in various configurations to provide comfortable climates and a wide range of environments. From homes and offices to retail spaces and commercial buildings, the Single Split has become an essential solution for residential installations and businesses around the world. But now this compact solution has expanded its combination configuration potential to offer more robust and versatile system possibilities.

The upgraded single split allows for more diverse configurations for more diverse spaces

Combination Expansion

Each building or facility has its own unique requirements for capacity and system configuration depending on the size, structure and use of the building itself. When planning for a new or retrofit HVAC installation, engineers carefully access the needs and structure of a building to determine the appropriate system configure. The LG Single Split allows for a wide range of diverse system configurations. Initially, the Single Split allowed users to operate as many as 45 indoor units with 17 outdoor units. While this provided system designers and building owners many options for configuring their HVAC systems, the Single Split solution has been upgraded to allow as many as 93 indoor units to be operated from only 5 outdoor units through more effective unit configurations. This upgrade not only gives customers more options but also delivers a more powerful solution that improves system efficiency, decreases the amount of space needed for installations and offers many additional benefits.

Single Split units optimize system efficiency and performance

Options Galore

Single Split outdoor units come in a wide range of models and capacities to provide customers more customized solutions to meet their needs. The H-Inverter high-performance models offer 17% higher heating capacity at low ambient temperatures with 7% higher cooling capacity at overload conditions. Installation of the standard wide-application units, facilities can take advantage of longer pipe lengths up to 85m with a wider operation range. The compact and easy to install units make optimal use of installation space while still offering pipe lengths of up to 50m. The compact outdoor units also reduce the overall height and surface area by 40% to maximize the use of space and make installation easier. Each of these unit models is available in a range of capacities and deliver excellent SEER class and SCOP ratings across facilities. LG also offers diverse and stylish indoor units to meet the needs of any interior or functionality. When combined with AHU connectivity, the Single Split proves to be a more robust and versatile solution for any environment.

Features like the LG R1 Compressor keep the Single Split at the forefront as an optimal solution

LG Innovation Makes it Better

As with any of our HVAC solutions, the Single Split features the innovations and benefits you expect from LG. The LG R1 Compressor with shaft-through structure and bottom compression allows the Single Split to deliver low-noise operation with optimal efficiency. This proprietary hybrid scroll compressor from LG also has a simpler, more stable structure and is more durable and dependable. LG Dual Sensing Smart Load Control is able to detect both temperature and humidity to adjust the evaporation temperature accordingly and provide more comfortable environments with higher efficiency. LG system sensor technology is also capable of detecting occupancy in a room or space to adjust heating and cooling depending on whether people are present or not. The system can also be configured to adjust airflow and reach target temperatures over set time frames based on occupancy. In addition, the Single Split can simultaneously detect temperature and pressure for faster and more precise temperature control. The system can also be operated with the more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant. With LG ThinQ and central control connectivity, the efficiency, comfort and convenience of the Single Split can’t be matched.

Whether managing a commercial space for offices and retail or keeping your home comfortable, the LG Single Split is bringing more options to customers and upgrading their homes and buildings. More diverse installation combinations from the Single Split are bringing more efficient, comfortable convenient and space-effective solutions for a wide range of environments.

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