LG Showcased Inverter Scroll Chillers at Chillventa 2016

LG Electronics participated in Chillventa in Nuremberg, Germany on 11 to 13 October, to highlight its unique ability to meet the needs of B2B clients and the company’s commitment to providing streamlined, optimized solutions suitable for large buildings – ranging from residential homes to public facilities.


LG unveiled Therma V, the newest Air to Water Heat Pump system.


LG’s AHU, Air Handling Unit was made their European debut at Chillventa 2016.

LG intended to introduce a wide array of products at Chillventa. These included the company’s signature Multi V series, as wells its Air-to-Water Heatpump Therma V, AHU and Inverter Scroll Chiller. Among the many products on display this year, the AHU and the Air Cooled Inverter Scroll Chiller were made their European debut at Chillventa 2016.
The latest LG Inverter Scroll Chiller raises the bar on efficiency, reliability and convenience. Boasting lower energy and maintenance costs, the straightforward chiller is extremely easy to use. The Inverter Scroll Chiller has an impressive energy efficiency ratio of 2.9 and a 3.2 coefficient of performance. The solution’s full load and part-load efficiency is also better than leading competitors thanks to LG’s patented HiPOR™ technology which recycles the oil directly through the compressor.
Chillers can be inefficient in that they typically operate either at 100% capacity or are turned off, with rapid fluctuations of up to 50 percent of the target temperature. However, the Inverter Scroll Chiller can be operated at high or low frequencies, allowing output to remain within 10 percent of the target temperature.

The latest LG Inverter Scroll Chiller raises the bar on efficiency, reliability and convenience.

Other key features include an impressive backup function which keeps the system operational even if a key process breaks down or undergoes maintenance. Maintenance itself can also be faster and less costly thanks to the black box function which helps quickly diagnose any issues. The Inverter Scroll Chiller is also well suited top operating in a number of climates – including coastal areas – as its Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger wards off corrosion. Its low noise level, compact size, easy-to-use controller and various other features come together to make the Inverter Scroll Chiller the complete package, ideal for any project anywhere.
Chillventa is the international biennial trade fair for refrigeration, ventilation and heat pumps. Starting from 2008, it is now one of the most important events in the world for HVAC industry. The next Chillvent will be held in October 2018.

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