Inverter Technology, Heart of LG Electronics Products

Electronics that we use at home consist of countless components. Large electronics like refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners require over 1,400 different components. The most important among these are motors and compressors. Motors and compressors are considered the heart of electronics since they are essential to determining a product’s energy efficiency, performance, noise, and vibration. The performance of an electronic device can depend on that of its motor and compressor. Today, we will have a look at LG Electronics’ original and excellent inverter technology.


Inverter Technology for Easy Switch-Overs

Constant-speed electronics are designed to maintain a steady operation from the moment they’re turned on until they’re turned off. The most common of these are fans. When we turn on a fan, it keeps running at the same speed until it is turned off. However, inverter type electronics change motor and compressor speeds freely. Just like the “natural breeze” function on fans, inverter electronics allow a fan to go faster for a moment, and then slow down the next moment.
Inverters change the power provided to a compressor and motor through voltage and frequency in order to switch their speeds at any time. This enables both powerful output and delicate control, making it possible to spend the minimum amount of energy necessary for the operation without any waste. Inverter electronics also create less noise compared to constant-speed electronics.


Behind Story of Inverter Technology Development With Minsoo La, R&D Leader/Senior Manager at Motor R&D Department

Can you tell us a brief history of LG motors?
LG’s research on motors dates back to 1962 when they first starting developing fan motors, so it has been more than 50 years.

What were the most rewarding moments working at Motor R&D Department?
When I first joined the company, Japanese companies possessed most of the original inverter-related technologies. However, despite these limitations, we succeeded in developing an entirely new type of motor without using already patented designs. Sometimes, it’s hard to see what we had worked on for years doesn’t even come out into the market as a complete product. However, I believe that we have been perfected the years to not only provide diverse and convenient functions but to also provide environment-friendly products.

Inverter Technology Applied to LG Air Conditioners

Inverter technology applied to different electronics can provide diverse and convenient functions while reducing energy expenses. Air conditioners from LG Electronics also use inverter technology.

LG air conditioners keep indoor temperatures constant by creating only the level of breeze necessary to do so. This leads to much more efficient operation compared to constant-speed air conditioners which need to turn themselves on and off to maintain a desired temperature. What makes this possible is their dual inverter compressor. Unlike existing compressors with only a single cylinder, dual inverter compressors have two refrigerant compressing cylinders working simultaneously for better efficiency. These air conditioners not only create less noise, but they also save energy by up to 63% compared to their existing constant-speed counterparts.

Check for LG Inverter Motors before Buying AI Electronics

Artificial intelligence is basically software for smart electronics and inverter technology is the hardware which implements the AI algorithm. Smart electronics which have sensors collecting data on their environments and then suggest the most suitable operation cannot fully perform these functions with constant-speed motors. For example, a constant-speed motor in a refrigerator will run at the same speed even in the middle of the night with its doors closed for hours, rather than switching itself to a power-saving mode. To function properly by keeping the energy for the right moment can only be fully implemented with a very high level of inverter technology.



Inverter technology provides various customized operational modes suited for each user and saves a significant amount of energy by doing so. We might not have noticed it much, but inverter technology has become ingrained in our daily lives. Inverters are a key to keeping LG Electronics competitive in the market. Although it is not a component that consumers can easily see, LG’s effort to implement distinguishing performance and design through inverter technology will continue.

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