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What is something that is always around you wherever you go? Might seem like a tricky question but the answer is quite simple: Air.
Air is truly an essential element that helps us sustain our everyday lives at home, school and work. But it is also a resource that is quite vulnerable to weather, directly affecting our lives by shifting under various circumstances such as cooling up fast during the winter. However air is no longer ‘difficult to control’ thanks to air conditioners.
A leader in the industry, LG has always thrived to create reliable and efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) products to help enhance the quality of your life. But how, where and through what technology? Here at ‘On Air,’ which reflects the spirit of being live on all we do in terms of improving atmospheric conditions, we would like to share not just the outs but also the ins of how we contribute in making a more fresh and comfortable settings for everyone.
What types of stories you might ask. Find below the four key categories that we will be diving into in-depth throughout the running of our ‘On Air’ page.

  • TECH & MACHINE: Introduce brand products, special certifications as well as interesting HVAC industry trends
  • CASE STUDY: Present success cases on how LG products are helping to create a better environment
  • OVER THE AIR: Discuss various global topics such as energy, health, environment and more
  • SNAP SHOT: Share behind-the-scenes images and brief product videos

Creating a better and reliable living environment is what drives us to innovate. Start connecting with stories happening in the industry as well as up-to-date news on LG Electronics’ HVAC business here at ‘On Air.’

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