[Interview] An HVAC Star is Born: Luiz Fernando Gaivota is changing the landscape of HVAC industry in Brazil

The HVAC industry is booming and there are more and more people looking to get into the industry, especially in developing markets such as Brazil. We had the opportunity to talk with a young HVAC technician from Brazil who is making his mark on the industry. Luiz Fernando Gaivota has been gaining experience in the HVAC industry and sharing his experiences in order to help others as they find their way as well. He is an active social influencer in the HVAC space and we invited him to visit our factory and installation locations. Luiz gave us an interesting insight to his career path and how he is striving to improve the industry in Brazil and around the world. We would like to share his story in hopes that it will also inspire other HVAC technicians.


1. Please introduce yourself.

I have worked as an electrician since I was 18. In 2010, I graduated from Senai, the largest technical school in Brazil, and began to work as a professional air conditioner technician. I began to film and upload some short video clips related to my work on Facebook, and a friend of mine who watched these clips suggested that I produce some proper video lectures. I started uploading them on YouTube in February of 2015.

Facebook Page of Luiz Fernando Gaivota


2. What kind of content do you introduce on your YouTube channel and Facebook page?

Installing air conditioners is something that anybody can do, so many people who had lost their jobs due to the economic crisis in Brazil jumped into this industry. I saw many of them making mistakes while working, and I thought I could help them understand the right way to do things. In my videos, I demonstrate which instruments should be used in the installation process, and share the proper installation methods. Also, I think showing people how things are done step by step is very important. Because by doing so, they can understand what kind of mistakes can be made in each step.


YouTube Channel of Luiz Fernando Gaivota


3. Who are your readers?

90% of all subscribers to my channel are professionals like myself, and the rest of them are those who stumbled on my channel while searching for air-conditioner related keywords in order to buy one. Many people learn about me through YouTube or people who know about my Youtube channel. They are all my potential clients. At the moment, I can’t even manage meeting all of them.


4. Were there any memorable experiences while running your own YouTube channel and Facebook page?

That would be this visit to Korea. LG learned about my YouTube channel and gave me a chance to come and have a look at their factories. Korea is not just a country with outstanding technologies, but also a kind and safe community. It has been even more wonderful than I had expected.

YouTube Video of Luiz’s trip to Korea


5. How did you get to know LG?

It was when I first used their multi-split product to connect five indoor units to a single outdoor unit at an apartment building. I was already familiar with LG before, but I became a fan once I used their product. LG has a great support system for technicians. LG SIMs is the perfect tool for technicians that shows which part of the machine is improperly connected through the monitor. Technicians in Brazil are hesitant to install multi-split products because they think it’s too complicated. I think LG’s products will relieve these concerns and help them become more widespread.


Inside the LG R&D Lab


6. You’ve introduced an app called REFRIPLAY quite a few times on Facebook. Can you tell us what it is?

It’s an app designed for those who work in the HVAC industry. It gives you information from TPO-appropriate outfits to correct air conditioner installation methods. There are many technicians who simply connect machines without any professional techniques or don’t know how much to charge for their services. It’s an app that gives technical lessons as well as various kinds of HVAC-related information.




7. What are you planning to do from now on?

I would like to promote this app more. Video lectures will be added to the app, and experts in each field will be added as well. These days I can’t make as many video clips as I used to because I’ve been getting a lot of installation requests. Installation takes a much longer time when I try to film the process. But I am planning to make time to create more video content in the future. There’s lots to be done.


8. Is there anything that you’d like to say to the people in this field?

Never stop learning and remember you can learn while teaching others. I learned many things since I started making my videos. It’s important to keep updating yourself.

LG is committed to supporting Luiz and HVAC technicians like him as they progress in their careers and share their knowledge of the HVAC industry. You can find out more about Luiz and gain valuable insight into HVAC technology by following him on Facebook and subscribing to his YouTube channel.


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