Environmentally Friendly and High-Efficiency LG Air Solutions are Conserving Energy Across India

LG Air Solution is continuing to work with partners around the world to deliver energy efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC solutions. We had a chance to hear from Jaewoong An from the Air Solution Marketing Communication Team about his recent trip to India and learn about the impact LG Air Solution is having across the country. Let’s see what he has to say about meeting our valuable partners in India and the solutions we have in place there.

When you hear someone say ‘India’, what comes to mind? Gandhi? A country with a huge population of over 1.3 billion? A country of amazing developers, mathematicians and scientists? Or perhaps Bollywood? I was the same way… until I visited the Titan Factory on a business trip.

The Environmentally Friendly, Energy Saving Titan Factory

The Titan Factory is located in the Hosur region 90km south of Bangalore, ‘India’s Silicon Valley’. This factory is one of Titan’s many factories and Titan is an affiliate of the highly respected TATA Group.
This factory is a chronoscopic manufacturing facility of the Titan subsidiary TEAL (Titan Engineering & Automation Limited) where they manufacture items ranging from spacecraft components to tools for national defense.



I guess you could say that TEAL is the grandchild of the TATA Group.

They say that, originally, this region was nothing more than a wasteland of dry grass and rocks. With the TATA Group philosophy of giving back to the community, Titan has built a factory here and created centers for education and living infrastructure for the community.

In fact, Titan Factory employees have been able to care for their families by housing their parents and sending their children to school while being at the forefront of revitalizing the Indian economy.




This place was once a wasteland but it now hosts the Titan Factory, which was designed with the concept of keeping nature first. The building itself is covered in greenery, natural wind flows freely throughout the facility, solar energy is utilized for power and natural rainwater is also collected and reused in the factory.


The facility is covered in green


Rain water collection system


And the real reason why I visited this factory is because there is an environmentally friendly, high-efficiency LG HVAC system in place in this enormous building that not only manages temperatures, humidity and air quality in work spaces but also simultaneously manages cooling and clean room air quality required for specific chronoscopic manufacturing processes.

Shall we take a brief look at what type of solution is implemented in this factory?

First, there is the screw chiller. The screw chiller in responsible for air conditioning the production line and providing cold water to the cutting-edge manufacturing line. This chiller sends and receives water from a cooling tower located outside the factory and supplies refrigerant to remove heat from the factory. The LG screw chiller uses water from a thermal energy source, so it is an environmentally friendly, high-efficiency solution that supplies clean refrigerant and does not harm the ozone layer.

The screw chiller that cools the factory and supplies cold water to equipment


The cooling tower that keeps the water cool outside the factory


Next there is the Multi V VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system. This system connects to the indoor AC units and cools the air with the refrigerant that circulates in the system to work as an efficient heat exchanger.


Multi V outdoor unit

There is also the HydroKit. The HydroKit is a solution that uses a heat pump to heat water. This system doesn’t use electricity to heat water like a coffee pot, but implements a heat pump solution to increase efficiency.

The high-efficiency with heat pump technology

I was also able to check out the indoor AC units, geothermal solution, devices connected to the building management system and other LG Air Solution technology throughout the factory.

Security is tight at the Titan Factory, as it is with any top-ranked company, so I am unable to show you more of the facility, unfortunately.

The high-efficiency green factory


Kiran Hospital, where the air is kept clean with the HVAC solution

In the Indian market, LG Air Solution technology is not only found in factories, but can also be easily found in large commercial buildings and special facilities such as hospitals.

The front of Kiran Hospital


Before I visited the Titan Factory, I had the opportunity to visit Mahatma Gandhi’s hometown of Surat in Gujarat. The largest landmark in this region is Kiran Hospital where, of course, LG Air Solution plays an important role.

A unique feature in hospitals is that the air environment must be managed extremely carefully. This is because the air is closely connected to the health and treatment of patients. So, the HVAC solution in a hospital requires the highest level of management and control.
Kiran Hospital is also in the process of becoming an energy efficient building, or ‘green hospital’, just like the Titan Factory.

Kiran Hospital and LG Electronics India members take pride in delivering a comfortable environment in this regional landmark


The people I met during this trip are all very proud to be working at India’s most influential company and hospital. I could also sense the pride of these valuable LG Air Solution partners.

A plaque of appreciation given to LG Electronics from the Titan Factory


Jae-woong An
Air-Solution Marketing Communication Team,
LG Electronics

Actually, it’s hard to find a company in the entire world that can design and propose total solutions for customers from small scale air conditioners, large HVAC solutions and comprehensive HVAC control solutions like LG Electronics.
Air exists all around us at all times, and even though you can’t see it, it is immensely important to our lives. You can expect LG Air Solution to continue making great strides to keep the air at its highest quality.

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