The Environmentally Friendly HVAC Solution that Allows High-Performance Buildings to Breathe

Did you know that buildings can breathe too? Just as the plants, trees and animals in nature take in the air around them, buildings can also use the natural elements from the Earth to heat and cool.
These days, regulations concerning the environment are becoming more and more strict. Geothermal heat pumps provide an environmentally friendly solution that utilizes the constant temperature of the Earth between 20 and 200 meters beneath the ground. Geothermal heat pump systems use the inherent temperatures in the Earth to provide cooling, heating and hot water to high-performance buildings.
High-efficiency and user comfort are some of the most important factors in high-performance HVAC systems. But what really goes into these systems to improve efficiency and make them truly ‘high-performance’ all year round? One way to ensure your building is operating at its highest performance is to implement geothermal heat pump systems offered by LG Air Solution, which simultaneously improve efficiency while providing utmost comfort to the building’s occupants. Let’s learn about how environmentally friendly HVAC systems allow buildings to breathe just like the nature around them.

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