LG AC Smart 5 is Taking Smart Control to the Next Level

At LG Air Solution, we pride ourselves in bringing our customers the most intuitive and innovative control solutions and our latest AC Smart 5 is the next step in connecting you with your HVAC system. AC Smart 5 is the latest generation of our smart control solutions that demonstrates the core of our innovation with a flexible user interface and full compatibility. Equipped with a host of cutting-edge features, AC Smart 5 boasts significantly enhanced control capabilities that maximize user comfort and operational efficiency.

“Converging the company’s expertise in control solutions with leading technologies, we are confident that AC Smart 5 is a cutting-edge control solution that effectively caters to user needs,” said James Lee, Head of Air Solution Sales & Marketing Group. “With unparalleled features such as sophisticated control and compatibility, AC Smart 5 strengthens convenience and integration that the majority of users seek. This brand-new solution will help users achieve operational efficiency in optimally cooling a user’s environment.”

Flexible User-Friendly Interface

A crucial component of AC Smart 5 is its flexible user-friendly interface. In addition to its intuitive GUI with a 10.2-inch LCD screen, the model features a UX-compatible platform that works with a PC, smartphone or tablet. That is, the user interface (UI) can be flexibly optimized according to the device used. Users on their respective devices can easily monitor and control a variety of functions without limit. The intuitive UI also helps users conveniently check operating status and schedule at a glance. As users are able to visually check a unit that wastes energy, they can easily adjust energy consumption to reduce inefficiency and lower costs.


Sophisticated Control

Sequential control distinguishes AC Smart 5 from other control solutions in allowing more powerful user control. Capable of far more than simple control of basic functions such as turning the power on and off, this solution can also handle multiple and more complicated tasks conducted in a designated sequence and also allows the user to configure input actions to be delayed for up to 60 minutes. For instance, the user can designate settings for such as stop operation if the alarm for refrigerant gas leakage continues for three minutes. In addition, the user can control the settings to delay output actions for up to 60 minutes.

The new solution is loaded with a list of codes that categorizes a variety of error scenarios for efficient implementation of error management. AC Smart 5 enables convenient designation of settings by customizing control actions according to relevant error codes. If a refrigerant gas leak occurs, AC Smart 5 senses this leakage and shows Error Code 230, giving an alarm signal to the buzzer in the control room.

AC Smart 5’s integrated control of multiple units allows easier management of up to 128 indoor units and equipment for an extensive area. Users can also remotely monitor and control multiple buildings. In addition to the integrated control of multiple units, group control is available. Users can set multi-level groupings comprising many buildings, floors and zones. They can also designate special control groups for frequently used venues such as executive or VIP rooms. Furthermore, AC Smart 5’s central control now collectively manages functions previously controlled individually such as human detection and CO2 emission status, enhancing efficiency and convenience.


Expanded Compatibility

AC Smart 5’s expanded compatibility helps the solution offer more efficient control thanks to simple integration with diverse solutions and products. As a BMS system interface is embedded in AC Smart 5, the solution is directly connected to the system without the need for an additional BMS gateway to enable communication with the BMS protocol, BACnet IP and Modbus TCP. A user can flexibly utilize both AC Smart 5 and the BMS system for more efficient building management.

Another highlight of AC Smart 5 is its compatible platform based on responsive web, offering comprehensive user control. It is compatible with HTML5, flexible layout and various devices such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. Ease of user access to the solution through the three latter devices enhances operational efficiency. Furthermore, AC Smart 5, reliant only on Kernel and Library versions, merely needs to revise the minimum source level when the version does not coincide.


More Efficient Energy Management

Utilizing AC Smart 5’s smart energy navigation functionality, users can adjust energy consumption to save more power. Analysis of past use can help predict energy demand. In addition, simulated driving prevents exceeding the target use level. The seven-stage adjustment assists in efficient energy consumption based on the target volume. AC Smart 5 shares reports on energy usage trends and planned usage for a given month to prevent overuse of the system, reducing costs.

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