We’re Ready for Summer! But what About Our Air Conditioners?

We can’t wait for summer and the warm season will be on us before you know it. While we’re planning summer vacations and looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors, there is something we should do before the summer starts that many of us are neglecting: preparing our air conditioners! Before we start trying to beat the heat with the air conditioners in our homes and offices, prepping them for a full season of work is imperative to keep them running efficiently and keeping us cool. Let’s take a look at a few simple steps we can take to ensure our air conditioners run at top performance all summer long.

For HVAC manufacturers like LG Air Solution, with the summer comes our busiest time of the year. The demand for new installations and maintenance is at its peak as we work to satisfy our customers’ needs. However, with our busiest season in full swing, deliver times for installations and maintenance tend to take longer than during other parts of the year. That’s why it’s important to test your air conditioners before summer begins to be sure you receive assistance as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at a few simple operational tests that you can run to ensure your air conditioners run at top performance all summer long.


Cooling Performance

1. Turn on the air conditioner and set it to the desired temperature.

2. Be sure that the indoor unit is running properly and cool air is coming from the unit.

3. Check the outdoor condenser unit to make sure the fan is running properly and check that the air coming from the unit is warm. Also, clear debris from on or around the unit

4. Let the system run for at least 20 minutes and check the indoor and outdoor unit again to be certain that they are running smoothly


System Connectivity

1. Look at the power plug to be sure that it is connected to the outlet properly and there is nothing obstructing it

2. Check that the remote control is working properly and change the batteries


Filters and Clean

1. Open the air conditioner and remove the filters

2. Remove dirt from the filters with a soft brush

3. Wash filters with a non-astringent detergent

4. Dry the filters and replace them while being sure to firmly replace the cover panels

Click here for our in-depth filter cleaning guide


Drainage Pipes

1. Check that the pipe is firmly connected to the air conditioner unit and is not coiled or bent

2. Be sure that there are no leaks in the pipe or objects blocking the pipe

3. Make sure that the end of the pipe is properly situated below the drainage port on the unit

We imagine you’re as excited for summer as we are and these simple tests should ensure a cool home and a worry free summer. Examine your air conditioners early so that we can assist you with any issues faster and more effectively. LG is always ready to help. Have a cool and happy summer!

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