The Importance of Identifying the Right Chiller Solution

LG’s Diverse Range of Chillers Provide the Ideal Solution for Any Environment

Designed to provide effective cooling for even the largest buildings and facilities, chilled water central air conditioning solutions are ideal for industrial facilities such as power plants and factories as well as district cooling. Unlike direct expansion central air conditioning solutions where refrigerant is directly used to cool air, chilled water solutions use refrigerant to chill the water, which in turn reduces the temperature of the air in the room.

The importance of climate control solutions does not mean that facility owners should simply invest in the most powerful units available. Just as work places come in all shapes and sizes, there are a wide variety of solutions each suited to cool different types of environments quickly and efficiently. The need for fresh indoor air quality is also on the rise even in large facilities, which is why the right solution is necessary. Popular VRFs excel at providing climate control for medium to large buildings, while chillers are necessary for facilities with vast, open areas. With more than 40 years’ experience as a respected leader in the global HVAC industry, LG has a strong chiller portfolio with a wide range of applications that is capable of providing climate control for power plants, district cooling and commercial buildings.

When selecting a climate control solution, the first step is to evaluate the facility in order to determine the type of solution required. Failure to account for variables such as the size of the facility, the local climate or the number of employees present can result in a solution that is either unable to effectively cool the environment or consumes too much energy, unnecessarily increasing costs over the long run.

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Commercial Buildings

Eco-friendly centrifugal chillers are ideal for large buildings or industrial facilities, saving energy through streamlined climate control. These factors make centrifugal chillers the perfect solution for office buildings as well as retail properties such as the SM Mall of Asia. The prominent attraction in Bay City, Philippines is the 10th largest shopping mall in the world, attracting an average of 200,000 people a day. The mall’s size and high total of daily visitors made finding the right chiller to cope with the Manilla heat a crucial challenge. With so much on the line, the mall turned to LG for climate control, with the company installing 18 centrifugal chiller units with a total capacity of 15,000RT between May 2014 and July 2015.

Industrial Facilities – Power Plants & Factories

Chillers can also offer cooling results for large industrial facilities, as demonstrated by the installation of absorption chillers at the factories for Huvis, a world leading synthetic fiber company which was born through a strategic joint venture between SK Chemicals and the Samyang Corporation in South Korea. Unlike most climate control solutions which are powered by electricity, absorption chillers harness heat from the environment in order to provide effective cooling. Huvis partnered with LG to install a single 1800 ton Steam-Fired unit, two 1300 ton Steam-Fired units and a single 670 ton hot Water-Fired unit in their factories. The absorption chiller’s ability to draw on the heat of the factory environment allows for it to cool the facility without relying on electricity.

While different from absorption chillers, high performance screw compressors utilize refrigerants to ensure reliable cooling for medium to large commercial facilities. The perfect solution for anyone looking to boost their facility’s green credentials while also reducing energy costs, versatile screw chillers appeal to accountants and environmentalists alike. The prominent New Terminal Cruise Building at Port Rashid in the UAE recently installed three screw chillers as well as 42 AHU and 83 FCU units produced by LG, leading to lower power consumption, electricity costs and increased energy efficiency scores for the building.

District Cooling

District cooling uses chiller plant rooms to send chilled water through underground pipelines in order to supply climate control to multiple buildings at the same time. The stunning Al Meydan City in Dubai shows what talented designers can accomplish when climate control is handled by a district cooling plant. Host of the Dubai World Cup, the famous track sought cooling plants that offered reliable cooling throughout the year, ultimately deciding on eight LG 2,500 RT Dual Compressor Centrifugal Chillers with an11KV Compressor Motor.

“At LG, quality is of the utmost importance, which is why we have invested in world-class quality control facilities which can conduct product tests on multiple units simultaneously. This commitment to excellence has won international recognition for LG’s chillers and earned our products certifications from prominent international institutions such as AHRI, ETL, ISO 9001, and ASME.” said Lee Jae-sung, president of the LG System Air Conditioning business unit. “Because finding the right unit is so important, LG manufactures a diverse range of climate control solutions in all categories and at many different capacities.”

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