The Comprehensive Maintenance You Expect from LG Air Solution (Part 2 of 2)

In the first installment of this series, we looked into the reasons why you should pay more attention to performing regular HVAC system inspection and maintenance and the benefits of doing so. LG Air Solution has been providing their customers with a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. In this article, we will show you how LG is working to ensure that their customers are getting the most out of their HVAC systems with effective and efficient performance from onsite system inspection to year-round remote system monitoring.

Throughout the world, LG is known for their innovative HVAC designs and installations. But, LG believes selling and installing their cutting-edge HVAC products isn’t enough and takes one step further to meet customers’ needs by providing extensive after-sales support and comprehensive maintenance services. With robust technology and state of the art applications, LG is instilling customers with confidence and adding value to their HVAC systems.

LG BECON Cloud provides complete connectivity for comprehensive system monitoring

With the LG BECON Cloud, LG is able to predict pending issues with a customer’s HVAC system and resolve any problems before they even occur. Outdoor units are connected to a cloud server and information from the units is monitored and analyzed in real time. If there is an issue or abnormality with the system, action can be taken to resolve it right away. Resolving system issues quickly and accurately reduces costs and makes it possible to run a more efficient system.

LG exclusive tools and expert technicians help keep HVAC system operating at top form

Typically, when an HVAC system breaks down or has complications, the customer must call the service center and open a ticket for service. A service technician must then make a site visit and inspect the problem before heading back to the service center to properly assess the proper course of action. The technician then has to return to the site with the proper equipment and part to make the required repairs. LG also only completes repairs using original replacement parts and utilizes unique tools exclusive to LG. With the implementation of the LG Total Management System (TMS) system, service technicians can quickly discover potential problems before they occur and prepare the proper equipment and components to resolve problems with the system immediately. Quick and accurate response prevents major problems and reduces maintenance costs.

LG TMS is able to detect systems issues before they occur for quick resolution

LG has also implemented an initiative seeking out customers that have been using their products for 10 years to provide them with system inspection and maintenance services. The goal of this program is to ensure customers receive the support they need so that their LG HVAC systems continue running at optimal efficiency and performance. The inspection service is provided at no cost to customers and provides insight into what steps they can take to keep their system running efficiently and effectively. Through this program, customers are also able to receive education about their system and how they can properly maintain it for years to come.


As you can tell, the importance of proper HVAC system maintenance is not lost on LG. We hope you can take advantage of the advice we have provided in the first part of this series and appreciate the value we place on comprehensive preventive maintenance.



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