Smarter Solutions for Smarter HVAC Technicians: LGMV and LG SIMs

Our phones, our cars, our homes and nearly every other device or product we use daily has been transformed by IoT technology. IoT is revolutionizing our lifestyles by making most aspects of our lives more accessible. LG has extended the reach of smart technology to make HVAC maintenance and diagnostics faster and more precise for HVAC technicians with their Mobile LGMV and LG SIMs applications. These innovative solutions allow technicians to monitor and control operating conditions of system air conditioners through their computer or Android and iOS devices.


What a Smart Technician Needs

LGMV and LG SIMs are solutions for troubleshooting, monitoring and controlling operations of LG HVAC systems. LGMV is designed to communicate with the new LG Multi V air conditioner while LG SIMs is designed for use with LG DFS (Duct-Free Split) air conditioning systems. They offer a simpler yet fully comprehensive set of data and monitoring capabilities for existing LG HVAC systems. The LGMV app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store by searching ‘Mobile LGMV.’


The Mobile LGMV WLAN Module communicates with LG Multi V Systems


The LG SIMs WLAN Module communicates with standard LG DFS Systems


Both the LGMV and LG SIMs solutions essentially consist of a simple wireless communications module that transmits data from sensors in an outdoor HVAC unit and makes it possible to monitor cycle and operations information from the outdoor unit. This information can then be viewed on a computer or mobile device allowing you to evaluate the efficiency of a system while receiving error notifications with access to an in-app troubleshooting guide.


The compact communications module provides instant access to system data.


The compact and easy to connect communications module provides convenient and instant access to system data and eliminates the need to carry a laptop to locations where outdoor units are located, which can often be hard to reach. Technicians are also given the ability to control indoor units through the apps for management of elements such as cooling, heating, fan speed and temperature configurations. The LGMV and LG SIMs solutions are making HVAC maintenance, troubleshooting and system control convenient and more accurate than ever before.


How Easy is it?


An LG engineer connects an LGMV WLAN module to an HVAC unit


As you can see, once you have installed the app on your mobile device, you can connect the communications module to the outdoor unit and begin receiving data such as cycle information, error notifications, and temperatures throughout the system. When installing an air conditioner, system testing and other system configurations can be done through the LGMV app. Technicians can also use additional features in the app for special operations, indoor/outdoor unit configurations and even run full system diagnostics. Product manuals can be accessed directly from the app as well, and troubleshooting guidelines are provided for error codes transmitted from the control board on the outdoor unit. The LGMV and LG SIMs programs offer solutions to problems with LG Multi V air conditioners so that technicians can better understand how their systems operate and how to resolve issues that occur with those systems.


Product manuals provide solutions based on error codes from the outdoor unit.


The Future of LG Smart HVAC Solutions

Our engineers are working on a completely wireless solution for LGMV that will allow technicians to access data from the outdoor unit from their mobile device without the need to move to where the outdoor unit is located. This completely wireless solution will not only save time but also allow HVAC technicians’ rapid access to the data and controls they need to keep HVAC systems running at optimal operations no matter where they are.

We are also working to make operations better for our systems developers. There are currently 3 separate versions for LG MV for PC, Android, and iOS. We are evaluating the development of a cross-platform LGMV that will allow our developers to add functions or make modifications to LGMV through a single channel without having to make alterations to all 3 platforms. Cross-platform LGMV will allow our developers more time to concentrate on improving LGMV and create a system that will make system management and maintenance even more convenient for our customers.

The LGMV and LG SIMs solutions give you real-time mobile access to all the data you need for managing an efficient and long-lasting HVAC system. The mobile system maintenance and troubleshooting applications give you instant access to information from each of the sensors in the LG Multi V 5 and LG DFS (Duct-Free Split) air conditioner systems and offer convenience as well as confidence in ensuring your customers’ HVAC systems are running at peak performance. Let LG help you work smarter!


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