[LG Multi V] Fitting a Luxury Apartment Complex in India with State-Of-The-Art Technology: IREO Uptown

When fitting an upscale apartment complex with an HVAC solution, selecting a system that maximizes the comfort, design and energy efficiency of the complex is essential. IREO, a leading property developer in India, succeeded in doing just that by installing LG HVAC solutions in their iconic new IREO Uptown complex in the Gurgaon suburb of Delhi. The goal of the project was to create state-of-the-art living spaces that draw from a pool of new and innovative ideas.


Site Information

Gurgaon is located just south of Delhi and has seen a major boost in development and construction over the past 25 years. The district has become a hub for IT and business development attracting multinational companies, industry, software companies, shopping malls and high-end housing developments. IREO Uptown offers unique luxury apartments to investors living in this booming center of development and commerce.

The IREO Uptown project set out to significantly reduce energy consumption with LG Multi V S.



Apartments with centralized air conditioning have higher running costs and maintenance fees than other apartments and these increased costs make buyers apprehensive about investing. Some investors may not use the property immediately after purchasing and central air conditioning systems can result in wasted energy. Taxes on power consumption are also higher in Gurgaon than in the city, so IREO set out to create a competitive edge using LG Multi V S technology with a 30% energy cost reduction over VRF split air conditioning systems.


Each unit in IREO Uptown was fitted with an individual LG Multi V S unit to make most effective use of space while providing maximum energy efficiency. The sleek design of the Multi V S units helped to maintain the luxurious atmosphere in the apartments without detracting from the elegant contours and interior. LG’s was also able to provide the advanced technology and engineering required for cooling this high-rise apartment complex in a region with particularly high average temperatures. The LG team utilized CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis to ensure the most effective use of space and create the ideal environment for installation.

CFD analysis resulted in effective and efficient cooling in the high-rise apartments.


The Head of Infrastructure for the IREO project, Sanjay Singh, refers to the LG Multi V as ‘the air conditioner with a mind.’ The unique operational features of the Multi V S provide individual temperature controls for each room and allow residents to maintain comfortable temperatures in their homes throughout the year. The cost-saving goals for the project were met with the installation of LG Multi V S units and project management has received positive feedback from residents in the IREO Uptown complex.


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