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Founded in 1929, the Union Sportive des Cheminots du Maroc is one of the oldest and most recognized clubs in the kingdom of Morocco. Located in the Agdal district, in the heart of the capital, the club offers many activities including aerobics, fitness, tennis, and swimming.


The Union Sportive des Cheminots du Maroc has a heated outdoor swimming pool, which maintains a temperature of 28°C all year round. Maintaining the pool at this temperature was energy-consuming and costly, so it was necessary to opt for an economical and cost saving alternative.


By using the eQUEST software, which simulates all possible solutions, LG Morocco, with the support of LG Korea, came up with an optimized solution. LG Multi V IV was the perfect geothermal solution that could meet specific needs and constraints in terms of noise pollution and profitability of the site. In combination with 3 outdoor units, of which 2 are condensed by air and 1 is condensed by water, LG Multi V was installed and is operated using geothermal energy.
In addition to saving 45 to 50% of the energy bill as a result, this geothermal solution is the first solution to be adopted not only in Morocco, but also the entire African continent. As it was also one of the very first solutions of its kind in the whole world, this project is expected to set the standard for more customers adopting more eco-friendly solutions in the future.


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