LG Air Solution for Nova Business School (Nova SBE), the Cradle of the Portuguese Economy


What comes to your mind when you think of Portugal? If you are a soccer fan, the first thing that you think of could be Ronaldo, a world-class player from Portugal. But apart from that, Portugal might not be so familiar to many of us.

Porto city in Portugal still keeps its beauty

Actually, during the Age of Exploration, Portugal was one of the most powerful countries, dominating the world. Over the past few years, however, Portugal has been through economic ups and downs. Since then, with the assistance of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country has overcome its bankruptcy and now stands at the threshold of sustained growth.

In hopes to deviate from the tourism-driven economic structure, Portugal is now trying to transform itself into a start-up-driven country. The country is not sparing investments in startups. Startups trying to make their way into the European market and people looking to invest in those startups are paying attention to Portugal.

Nova Business School, the Heart of Portugal’s Economic Transformation

There is a school that is playing a pivotal role in the transformation of Portugal economy. This school is known as Nova Business School or Nova SBE.

Nova Business School (Nova SBE)

Nova SBE is one of the top business schools in global business school ranking indexes and is 1 of only 70 schools that have received accreditation from the 3 most influential business school ranking organizations ASCSB (US), EQUIS (EU) and AMBA (UK). Based on its incredible infrastructure, Nova SBE produces businesses and individuals that can give impacts on the global market.

Nova SBE’s Library (Source: Nova SBE website)

In an initiative to advance further as a business school, Nova SBE began a project in 2018 to found a new campus in Carcavelos near Lisbon. In the process of founding the new campus,

selecting an HVAC system became a topic of discussion. Choosing the right HVAC system for their facility was a very important matter as they wanted to create the best educational environment.

LG Air Solution Pushes the Spatial and Cost Limits

There are diverse types of buildings at Nova SBE in terms of size and purpose, such as the main hall, assembly halls, the gymnasium, the cafeteria, lecture halls, research labs and offices. The HVAC system for Nova SBE not only had to be installed in buildings of diverse sizes and designs but also provide comfortable heating and cooling without limitations.

Interior of Nova SBE

The right answer to these requirements was the LG Air Solution. The high-efficiency Multi V and AHU system maintain comfortable indoor environments while providing stable heating and cooling operation in buildings of any size.

The concealed ducts and wall mounted indoor units can be freely installed in any building structure or design. Also, the External Static Pressure Control function in the concealed duct system provides refreshing air in any space, regardless of the room size or height.

The LG concealed dust system provides refreshing air, regardless of the size of the space.

Nova SBE had a limited budget for the construction of their new campus that conserving installation and operation fees was just as important as securing the performance of the HVAC system.

LG’s latest Multi V VRF system is embedded with the LG high-efficiency inverter compressor and energy saving dual-sensing technology that even detects humidity. This technology makes it possible to reduce operating costs with outstanding efficiency. Energy consumption is also reduced through the implementation of the LG Energy Estimate Program simulation. Nova SBE administrators were able to see energy simulation results directly and were satisfied with the results.

The Multi V with LG’s own high-efficiency inverter compressor

Even more, LG’s unique engineering solutions were also implemented at Nova SBE. The installation process was more efficient and costs were reduced thanks to solutions such as LATS CAD and CDF Analysis that made it possible to design a comfortable campus for minimal cost.

LG Air Solution Covers Everything from the Environment to Convenient Management

The new Nova SBE campus is located between a road and the seaside in Carcavelos. The beaches of Carcavelos are world renowned for surfing, but all the year round, fierce winds from the sea stir up sand in the area. The facility required a strong and durable HVAC system.

Nova SBE campus by the sea (Source: Nova SBE Website)

The advantage of LG Air Solution system proved to be the right solution in this case. The Multi V has an Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger, specifically designed to protect itself against salt, humidity and other pollutants.

The Ocean Black Fin heat exchanger is more resistant to corrosion and pollutants than other heat exchangers

University campus facilities are much larger and more diverse than ordinary buildings requiring more work and management. But LG Air Solution offers a centralized control system for managing HVAC systems and each integrated device. Convenience for customers is particularly improved by allowing administrators to monitor, manage and control an entire campus right from their smartphone.

Managing an entire campus HVAC system with centralized control from a smartphone with LG Air Solution

The Nova SBE site is constructed with the confidence and ability to resolve customer concerns based on LG’s outstanding quality. LG hopes the air from our solutions can be the wind that helps Portugal’s economy to sail smoothly.

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