It may not be Tax Season but it's Time for an Audit… an Energy Audit?

In finance, an auditor is responsible for scouring financial records to determine the flow of money and assets belonging to a corporation or individual. But there is another type of auditor that examines the flow of something different: energy! Running a cost and energy efficient building is at the forefront of every building administrators mind, but simply picking efficient equipment for your building leaves a lot of stones unturned in finding the most efficient way to plan or refurbish a building. The LG Energy Auditing Team uses its knowhow to ensure that customers reduce energy costs while conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions for an environmentally friendly building.

What is Energy Auditing?

There are 3 main phases to an energy audit and each step of these phases is crucial in creating the most efficient environment:

A wide range of data are collected including water pressure and water temperature

Preliminary Consultation

When energy auditors receive a request for an audit, there are a few things they must do initially to ensure they get the proper results for the facility. Auditors work in conjunction with facility administrators to understand elements of the project such as the objective of the audit, the current state of the facility and how the audit will be executed. They then can further discuss the scope of the audit and define the process. The energy auditors and facility administrators then finalize a contract to execute the energy audit. Information is collected about a facility’s operation including how much energy the facility uses and how much money the facility is spending on energy. Data is collected using a diverse set of instruments with sensors for acquiring accurate readings such as energy flow, temperatures, vibrations as well as air and waters pressure. Once the data has been collected, the energy auditors must analyze the data.

Elements such as water flow can be measured to determine if vibrations or the vacuum seal in pipes is inhibiting operations


The energy auditors next perform key data analysis and establish a plan for improvements to the facility. Once this has been accomplished, a diagnostics report is provided and the results are discussed with facility administrators. Finally, the plan can be executed to implement improvements to the facility system and the system is tested again to ensure improved energy performance.

LG Energy Auditing

LG Energy Auditing

Since 2010, LG has been focusing on energy auditing to bring a new level of efficiency and to their clients and keep them in accordance with government environmental policies. LG uses a wide array of devices and sensors such as anemometers, airflow meters, digital pressure gauges and ultrasonic sensors to obtain data on a facility for analysis. Information such as cold water and refrigerant flow rates, fluid temperatures, pump pressure, power consumption and boiler CO2 emissions to determine the status of existing equipment and assess the appropriate HVAC solutions for each individual environment. Once the appropriate equipment has been determined and a plan has been proposed to facility administrators, the plan is implemented to start delivering savings and reducing excess energy consumption. After Energy Actions Plans are implemented in conjunction with the right HVAC solutions, LG performs measurements again and the data is analyzed to ensure energy conservation, improved COPs and overall efficiency is achieved


Just as an auditor can help assess finances and provide and financial plan that is best for the fiscal future of an entity, energy auditing provides insight and proper implementation of energy management. LG Energy Auditors are ready to find the best solutions for customers to make the most of our money and energy!

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