IoT, Bridge to the Future of HVAC

IoT (Internet of Things) is a hot buzzword across many industries these days, but the HVAC industry is seeing IoT implementation as much as any. IoT has different implications in each industry and HVAC might not seem like the first place you would find IoT applications. However, when you consider the advancements the HVAC industry has seen in recent years, HVAC and IoT go hand in hand to not only transform the spaces we occupy each day but also fundamentally change the way we use our heating and cooling systems. IoT is the future of many industries and HVAC is no exception.

Perfect Sense

Smart sensors in HVAC systems provide valuable data to improve efficiency and comfort

The implementation of smart sensors has allowed HVAC systems to do much more than simply heat or cool our homes and offices. Different sensors help automate operations and improve the overall functionality and comfort provided by HVAC systems. These sensors connect to the central control system via IoT to provide important data for more effective operation and environment control. Temperature sensors transmit information via IoT to HVAC systems for more precise temperature control and more comfortable environments. Of course temperature sensors are important in an HVAC system but humidity detection also plays a major role in how an HVAC system operates. Humidity sensors allow an HVAC system to detect humidity inside and outside a building to accurately adjust the workload and run more efficiently. Other environmental factors also contribute to the comfort and quality of air in the spaces we live. Accurate CO2 detection sensors are able to transmit CO2 levels to the HVAC system to help in thorough ventilation and improved air quality. IoT makes it possible for these types of sensors to work in conjunction, allowing HVAC systems to provide more comfortable and efficient spaces.

Solutions like LG BMS Gateway utilize IoT to centralize control and monitoring of an HVAC system

Under Control

HVAC control systems made possible by IoT have truly revolutionized how HVAC solutions operate to allow centralized or remote control, comprehensive data analysis and cloud integration for efficiency, comfort and performance that was never possible before. These control systems allow for full integration into the BMS (Building Management System) of a building and provide centralized and remote control, which makes it much more convenient to manage a large scale HVAC system. Advanced scheduling and regional control of an HVAC system also streamlines operations in a building for optimal efficiency and comfort. Another factor made possible for optimized efficiency and comfort is data analysis through IoT. Data collection and analysis allows the system and system administrators to better comprehend how the building operates and make adjustments accordingly. Cloud integration also allows competing cohesion and communication throughout a system and makes monitoring and control possible. IoT cloud connectivity lets a system learn usage and energy consumption patterns to evolve and create much more efficient environment control than ever before.

As IoT continues to find its way into more and more aspects of our lives, the HVAC industry will continue to evolve and expand with the technology. At this point, each of us is experiencing the effects of IoT in HVAC on a regular basis. LG Air Solution is leading the way with IoT integration into their HVAC solutions and this allows us to provide our customers with some of the best products and solutions available. Where do you think IoT will turn up next? In all likelihood, it’s already there!

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