Inverter Keeps our HVAC Racing

There are many elements that go into an HVAC system. However, there is a core component that is the backbone of LG HVAC systems: the compressor. The compressor of an HVAC system is like the engine of a car. The operation of the engine of a car determines how the car will perform just as the operation of a compressor determines how the HVAC system will operate. If you’re familiar with our blog, then you’re also likely familiar with the LG Ultimate Inverter Compressor and how it improves the efficiency, noise emission, vibration and durability and determine product performance and longevity. We’ve looked at some of the HVAC products in which inverter compressors have been applied and even discussed with LG developers about how inverter technology was implemented at LG. Throughout this article, in a different perspective, we will discuss how this innovative technology is improving our lives each day.


Inverter Technology at a Glance

In short, the inverter technology offers unparalleled performance, efficiency, reliability and durability over traditional compressors. Air conditioners are designed to perform at peak load operation, but not every room or space is the same. Rooms vary in size and have many different environmental factors. A conventional HVAC compressor will run at maximum operation load until the desired temperature is reached and turn off until cooling is required to reach the set temperature again.

On the other hand, an inverter compressor will continue to run, but only use the required amount of energy to maintain the desired temperature. An inverter compressor adjusts its operation capacity depending on the load requirements. This variable-speed operation is not only more efficient but also maintains more precise temperatures.

The innovation and advantages of inverter compressors can impact our lives each day


Creature Comforts

When discussing an HVAC system, comfort is easily one of the most important factors. Inverter compressors allow our cooling and heating systems to reach the desired temperature as much as 40% quicker to create a more comfortable environment faster. Once the desired temperature is achieved, variable-speed inverter compressors adjust to precisely maintain the desired temperature without temperature fluctuations.

A variable-speed inverter compressor keep you more comfortable while conserving energy


Energy Savings Means Cost Savings

We can all appreciate saving money. Variable-speed operation not only keeps us comfortable but also reduces energy consumption as much as 70% compared to conventional constant-speed compressors. Inverter technology is also particularly efficient at low operations loads while continuing to maintain desired temperatures. In addition, the more durable structure and components translate to fewer maintenance calls and a longer lifespan for the motor itself.

Inverter compressors have a wide operating range that can withstand extreme temperatures


The Heat is On!

Dependability is key for HVAC system performance even when the environment is demanding. The wide operating range of inverter technology allows an HVAC system to provide reliable heating even in severe temperatures. With inverter technology, heating can be maintained even when outdoor temperatures reach extreme lows.

Inverter technology allows a more quiet and peaceful environment


Keep the Peace with More Quiet Operation

An HVAC system that is constantly switching on and off with a noisy motor can be a daily irritation. Inverter compressors are optimally designed to provide effective heating and cooling while operating at minimal noise levels.

Inverter technology has had a significant impact on the HVAC and other industries. It has also found its way into many of our products, from refrigerators and vacuum cleaners to our wide range of HVAC solutions. In fact, you might be experiencing the advantages of inverter technology right now. Inverter technology is truly at the core of motor innovation for a reason!

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