How LG Reaches out for New Opportunities in Delhi Through Recently Opened Air Conditioing Academy

Welcome to LG Air Conditioning Academy!

Air Conditioning Academy was opened at last in Delhi with an aim to strengthen regional air conditioning business.
Delhi is one of the regions that shows growth of commercial and residential projects. In order to reinforce our products’ competitiveness, therefore, our goal is to engage with developers, consultants, and government more deeply through the academy. Furthermore, for the dealers in northern India who could hardly visit the current academy in western India, this academy would be a good place to get trained on product installation and service.

▲ Sang Bong Lee, President of B2B, and employees at the opening ceremony of Air Conditioning Academy.

Now let’s see how Air Conditioning Academy is organized.
The academy has vertical zones for business promotion and conference and training room for improvements in installation and service. Due to the growing demand of customers on air conditioning system as well as the needs for application training, training room for product installation and service is formed with Multi V outdoor fan, Hydro Kit, and AHU.
In Hydro kit Zone, hot-water supply and air conditioning can be held at the same time with Multi V Heat Recovery and Hydro kit products. At AHU Zone, which showcases large air conditioning system with connected Multi V Heat pump and AHU, visitors will be able to learn about product installation and service. What’s more, central control system in the zone enables manual control and BMS linkage training.

▲ Using Multi V Heat Recovery and Hydro kit products, Hydro kit Zone showcases hot-water supply and air conditioning at the same time.

Exhibition area that was established based on the residential projects held in India, presents Residential, Office, and Chiller Zone.
For people that look for the ideal air-conditioning solution for living room and bedroom, Residential Zone where Multi V S, Low Static duct, Hi-Wall mounted, and Art-cool gallery products are featured is a place to visit. The zone highlights strength of our products- being able to be installed in restricted spaces- by implementing the actual size of an outdoor fan area.
Also, if anyone is interested in the solutions for office air-conditioning and air quality improving, Office Zone will offer good resolutions with Multi V IV PRO, 4-way CST, and ventilation products.

▲ Air-conditioning solution for living room and bedroom displayed at Residential Zone.


▲ Air-conditioning and air quality solution presented at Office Zone.

While walking around the Air Conditioning Academy, LG Information Displays(ID) can be easily seen. Along with air-conditioning products, IDs are installed for product promotion and training. Those show various contents including information guide, advertisement, presentations, and lectures.

▲ 84-inch signage and 98-inch LED panel in the academy.

Air-Conditioning Academy is expected to train over 400 employees, consumers (Dealer, Architect, Developer, Consultant, and etc.) every year to upgrade their engineering capabilities and to strengthen the business competitiveness of LG.
As Sang Bong Lee, President of B2B, said at the opening ceremony, Air-Conditioning Academy in Delhi is a significant milestone in further enhancing LG’s technology and product. We will constantly proceed toward promoting and widening our business opportunities in the region by targeting leading developers and consultants.

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