LG Electronics Technological Prowess Shines at HARFKO 2017

LG Electronics’ participation in HARFKO 2017 held from March 7th to 10th at KINTEX in Korea gained a lot of attention from people in the industry and other visitors. HARFKO, which is held every other year, is one of the top HVAC expert exhibitions in the world. 250 companies took part in the event this year to share the newest trends and technologies from the HVAC world.
In a 360m² exhibition room, LG Electronics presented HVAC solutions that can be customized to a given space, including the inverter centrifugal Chiller, MULTI V 5, and an intelligent cassette. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular items from the event.

Oil Free inverter centrifugal Chiller designed by LG

The first item to introduce is the oil-free inverter centrifugal Chiller. This original Chiller from LG is optimal for those looking to save energy in large buildings and industrial facilities. It meets the world’s highest standard for energy efficiency, doesn’t require any lubricating oil, and makes only a minimum level of noise (as low as 73dB). This product features magnetic bearings which use electromagnetic force to support pivoting the motor inside the compressor. LG Electronics developed their original magnetic bearings for the Chiller with top class efficiency and capacity (1,100RT).
The presented models such as COP 7.0 and IPLV 12.0 (1,100RT) known for the highest efficiency level captured a lot of attention at the exhibition.

Energy conservation building solution Multi V 5

Next is MULTI V 5 with its high efficiency inverter compressor. The capacity of this outdoor air-conditioning unit can reach 32 horsepower, which is strong enough to air-condition 52 rooms sized 16.5㎡. It minimizes unnecessary defrosting and oil recovery operations, and compartments can even be controlled via smartphones.

Inverter scroll heat pump with All Inverter system

The Inverter scroll heat pump which constitutes the key technology for MULTI V provides hot and cold water to industrial facilities through its inverter compressor drive. Its partial load is reduced by 18% compared to other LG products, and can be easily operated without any help from experts. The compressor backup function keeps the pump running even during emergencies.

New intelligent four-way cassette

Another product that drew lots of attention was the new intelligent four-way cassette. This cassette, which blasts air from four sides, is known for being ultra-light and quiet as well as for its sensor which detects human bodies and then cools the air only in the rooms where people are. It turns itself off when there is no one around. This function can save energy by up to 35%. During the exhibition, visitors were impressed by the room LG had set up where people could try the cassette in person.

Cutting-edge Central HVAC Solution Multi FAN AHU

Finally, the Multi FAN AHU was one of the most popular models presented at the exhibition. It is a premium air conditioning unit which operates regardless of water or other refrigerants, and it consists of a 3D plug pan, an inverter drive, and a controller developed based on LG’s patent technology.
The high efficiency and quiet 3D plug pan reduces energy costs by 19% on average and conserves energy as much as 81.6%. I think you’ll be able to meet this AHU at more facilities soon, since its inverter function can optimize the air volume and static pressure for diverse spaces. It features a noise reduction function to keep rooms comfortable while running and the initial investment cost is low since it was produced directly by LG, unlike other AHU providers.

Exhibition hall at HARFKO 2017

Visitors listening to a presentation at the LG booth

Today we had a look at some of the newest products from LG Electronics presented at HARFKO 2017. Many visitors and clients expressed how impressed they were by the innovative technologies and products at the LG booth. I hope LG can meet more clients around the world in the future.
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