Elevating HVAC Solutions in the LG Air Science Lab

At LG, we pride ourselves in developing some of the most innovative HVAC solutions in the world. But taking products from the concept and development stage to launching the product onto the market requires in-depth research and testing. For our products to provide our customers with LG standard comfort and air quality, we established the LG Air Science Lab. In this research center, we focus on perfecting our HVAC solutions, air purification and management of find dust, harmful gasses and microorganism in the air. The LG Air Science Lab is divided into 3 main facilities, which are the Home Environment Test Facility, the Microorganism Test Facility and the Dust and Odor Test Facility. We are also able to cooperate with professors and specialists in related fields throughout Korea to expand our research and resources. Let’s take a look into how implementing each of these facilities and utilizing the expertise of our partner experts allows us to offer our customers the best in climate control and air quality management solutions.

Home Environment Test Facility

Recreation of diverse environments allows us to test many real-life applications

In the Home Environment Test Facility, we are able to replicate real-life environments to test the effectiveness of products such as air conditioners, air purifiers and humidifiers. Not only can we replicate living room, kitchen and bedroom environments, but we can also replicate diverse commercial environment including offices and retail spaces. What makes this facility particularly interesting is that we can also recreate full-scale outdoor environments with a range of 5-90% humidity at temperatures from -20°C to 60°C. The space can also be adjusted by lowering and raising the ceiling height or retracting and expanding the floor space.

Microorganism Test Facility

Testing of microorganisms in the air helps create healthier environments

Our Microorganism allows us to test how effectively our products can remove microorganisms from the air, humidification water and filter surfaces. We disperse designated levels of various microorganisms throughout the test space and evaluate how well air purifiers can handle these microorganisms and produce an environment with clean healthy air. The research done here is instrumental in helping those with allergies and creating solutions that can better manage indoor air.

Dust and Odor Test Facility

A wide range of experiments can be done to assess the effectiveness of air purification

The Dust and Odor Test Facility gives us the ability to test how quickly and effectively air conditioners and air purifiers can filter or purify air once dust or gas particles have been injected into our sealed test space. We can also evaluate the deodorization capabilities of our products for the 5 major gases in 8, 30 or 50 cubic meter spaces.

Take it from the Experts

Collaboration between LG and specialists in Korea pushes the boundaries of HVAC advancement

At the LG Air Science Lab, we are also fortunate to be able to tap the minds of professors and specialists throughout Korea. This not only helps us expand our pool of resources, but also allows us to learn from these experts while provided them with the experience of working in real-life innovative applications. Through this process of cooperation, LG plays an instrumental role in establishing the infrastructure for the study of air solutions in Korea. The research results that come from the collaboration between LG and the professors and specialist is implemented into practical applications that come from the LG Air Science Lab.

The research and technology developed in the LG Air Science Lab is applied as core technology of the products and solutions in LG’s HVAC system offerings. We are proud of our advancements in the HVAC and air management field and strive to continue to provide our customers with the best solutions available through our work at the LG Air Science Lab.


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