Debunking Some Common Myths About HVAC Systems

Contemporary heating and air conditioning have been around for nearly a hundred years and it has become a staple of life for many of us around the world. But how well do you know your air conditioner? Over the years, there have been many misconceptions about HVAC systems that we’d like to set straight. Join us in clearing up some common myths about HVAC systems and pick up some interesting facts along the way.

1. Clean Filters


Cleaning your filters once every 2-3 months will ensure efficiency and provide better quality air
2. The Ills of HVAC


Colds are caused by viruses and not by cold temperatures, but dust and allergens in an HVAC system can cause allergy symptoms and create an unhealthy environment
3. Location, Location, Location


Sensors and other components can be affected by heat from appliances nearby and direct sunlight while objects in proximity to an air conditioner can impede proper airflow and air distribution
4. Let the Fluid Flow


Refrigerant should only be changed when needed. If your system needs the refrigerant replaced every year, there is likely a more serious problem that needs attention
5. Don’t Miss the Mark


HVAC systems cannot perform faster than they were designed to perform and tuning the temperature higher or lower will not make you comfortable any faster
6. Playing the Long Game


Turning off your system when you are away from home will save money. Proper insulation and insulated windows will maintain temperatures longer and keep outdoor air from seeping into the house.

Understanding your HVAC system better will also help you use the system better while keeping you more comfortable at the same time. We hope to have debunked some of the more common myths about HVAC and helped shine some light onto how HVAC systems work. Did you believe some of these myths as well?

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