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The headquarters of CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering is expected to become an iconic landmark in China’s Guangdong Province. The complex is also known as ‘The Window of Guangzhou’ and will appear in the shape of ‘001’ when viewed from the South and appear as ‘100’ when viewed from the North. The total construction area consists of 550,000 square meters and will be divided into three areas of construction. The three towers that make up the complex will stand at 150 meters, 187 meters, and 200 meters.


Because the external surfaces of the buildings will be made of glass panels and the building will have large open office spaces, the complex will require a high-performance, efficient air conditioning system. Reduction of indoor unit noise pollution is also critical to the success of the project. As a landmark structure in the city of Guangzhou, the interior design for the project and next-generation outdoor air conditioning installations are also of great importance to the project coordinators.


LG Air Solution is implementing a water cooled outdoor system and multi-type air conditioning indoor units with refrigerant evaporative heat transfer to reduce energy loss. This system is the industry’s most efficient air conditioning system boasting a COP of at least 5.0. The system provides integrated control programs that include smart controls and virtual remote monitoring that obtained unanimous approval from evaluation experts during the bidding process for the project. LG Air Solution beat out many Chinese domestic and international companies to win the bid for this large-scale project.
The water-cooled multi-unit MULTI V WATER can be installed in the interiors of the buildings to keep their glass-panel exteriors streamlined and refined. The system will deliver comfortably cooled air to all corners of each space within the complex and manage fluctuations in room temperature to provide a comfortable environment for everyone within the buildings. MULTI V WATER also utilizes efficient scroll fans and effective control of air flow to reduce overall air flow and minimize noise.


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