LG Unveils New Residential Air Conditioner with Breathtaking Design and Exceptional Technology

ARTCOOL Offers Unrivaled Cooling Performance, Enhancing User Convenience and Energy Efficiency

Never failing to exceed consumer expectations, LG Electronics (LG) is set to impress the residential air conditioner market once again with its new and improved ARTCOOL. Equipped with an array of smart features and a gorgeous sleek exterior, the ARTCOOL embodies beauty, power, and performance while functioning as the centerpiece to any stylish, modern living room.

The new ARTCOOL air conditioner’s rich dark design exudes sophistication and luxury, seamlessly complementing any interior décor. The ultra-sleek black mirror and frame at the front add an extra touch of elegance to its already stunning appearance, making it ideal for premium style homes. The eye-catching aesthetic design of the appliance is sure to attract attention just as its convenient features are guaranteed to enhance usability.
The ARTCOOL’s DUAL Inverter Compressor™ consumes 70% less electricity while simultaneously providing 40% faster cooling than non-inverter RACs.1 In addition, LG’s incredible compressor technology enables the ARTCOOL to operate at a pleasantly low noise level, enabling users to relax or rest comfortably without the distracting hum of the air conditioner. Meanwhile, the durability and reliability of the compressor are guaranteed under its 10-year warranty. The device is also equipped with the Active Energy Control feature, which adjusts the compressor motor’s maximum frequency and boosts energy savings by allowing users to choose the appropriate energy consumption levels and cooling capacity.

Moreover, the ARTCOOL incorporates an Ionizer feature, which releases up to three million ions that bond with harmful particles to effectively sterilize them and neutralize odors at the same time. The strong airflow it generates with the help of the 4-Way Swing feature evenly distributes large volumes of airflow. This subsequently creates a consistent temperature throughout the entire room, the air reaching every corner and crevice.
Embedded with advanced Wi-Fi technology, LG’s SmartThinQ® application allows users to easily control the appliance from both inside and outside the home. The intelligent application gives household members various personalized options, allowing them to choose and save their preferred air conditioning temperatures. SmartThinQ® connectivity also allows users to turn the air conditioner off as they’re heading out, especially convenient for those in a hurry. In addition, the ARTCOOL features a Smart Diagnosis function for easy and quick troubleshooting. Smart Diagnosis delivers notifications and support for a wide range of technical issues via smartphone.
“We’re eager to introduce our new ARTCOOL to the residential air conditioner market,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “Its beautiful premium design, along with its many state-of-the-art features, adds to the beauty and convenience of the consumers’ homes.”
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1 Based on LG Electronics internal test methods, air conditioner models (US-Q242K series) with DUAL Inverter Compressorswere tested next to air conditioner model TS-H2465DA0 with constant-speed compressor.

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