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Ecuador is a country with a wide range of diversified environments from the lavish landscapes of the Andean highlands to the wildlife-rich Galapagos islands. Each region has its own unique geography and ecosystems. On our blog, we have often discussed the intricacies and challenges diverse spaces present when installing an HVAC system. Each space has its own unique requirements that must be considered in each step of installation. A hospital is a particularly complex environment that includes many different spaces that have specific applications and needs. LG Air Solution excels at providing solutions catered to the needs of our partners and that is just what we accomplished at Hospital General de Latacunga in Ecuador.

LG Multi V provides comfortable and hygienic environments at Hospital General de Latacunga


HVAC Goals and HVAC Solutions

Hospital General de Latacunga is one of the top national hospitals in Ecuador with about 260 beds and exceptional facilities that include patient rooms, operating rooms and isolated units for intensive care. This healthcare facility underwent a major renovation and expansion in the past few years that included the addition of two new emergency rooms, two operating rooms and three delivery rooms in the obstetrics center as well as two operating rooms for the surgical center and two operating rooms for the outpatient center. This expansion required an HVAC system that not only could keep patients, staff and healthcare professionals comfortable, but also provide safe and healthy environments across all spaces in the facility. LG has maintained a partnership with developers and consultation in the region since 2013 and together helped Hospital General de Latacunga to attain their goal of a comprehensive and efficient HVAC system that meets all the requirements of their advanced healthcare center. The full installation consisted of a Multi V air-cooled VRF system for cooling and heating of the facility with and LG DX AHU system for air filtration and fresh air supply with an extensive LG system control solution.

Each unique environment in Hospital General de Latacunga has its own complex requirements


LG AHUs Make a Clean Sweep

It is imperative that stable temperature, humidity and air pressure be maintained throughout a hospital. However, maintaining these factors 24 hours a day is very complicated and each individual space has its own requirements for optimal conditions. Along with the Multi V system, LG AHUs are able to manage a wide range of complex factors across large and diverse spaces. The LG AHU Comm. The kit is a control solution that can easily be connected to the DX coil of an AHU to manage the supply of fresh air. The EEV Kit can also be added to manage operation loads for faster and more precise temperature control. LG AHUs are fitted with True HEPA Filters that remove 99.999% of all airborne particles as small as 0.3u with MERV 17. With this application, Hospital General de Latacunga is able to maintain a thoroughly hygienic environment and meet cleanliness Class 10,000 standards. In addition, careful management of air passage between the various departments in a hospital is crucial in preventing cross-contamination. LG AHUs control air pressure in each room to maintain not only fresh air but hygienically clean air in each isolated space within the facility.

LG’s extensive control solution ensure fast and accurate temperature control in diverse spaces


Reducing the Cost of Operation

Since Hospital General de Latacunga must operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the HVAC system must also operate to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. This continuous operation could lead to high energy costs. However, the LG Multi V system offers optimum efficiency during peak and partial load hours across the entire facility. The LG control solution also makes operation, including scheduling and precise temperature control, much more efficiency. Facility administration is able to guarantee each of the complex operating conditions is met while reducing overall operating costs. LG is also providing regular performance checks to ensure the reliability of the system and minimize maintenance costs when all is said and done.

The LG Inverter Compressor offers high performance with high efficiency



LG has extensive experience and know-how in installing and maintaining the HVAC system at large-scale healthcare facilities. This has allowed us to provide Hospital General de Latacunga with a heating and cooling solution that also creates a comfortable, safe and hygienic environment for patients, staff and healthcare professionals. The LG Multi V system is meeting the facilities complex requirements while reducing costs and conserving energy.

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