24/7 Care Requires 24/7 Performance

A hospital is a complex environment with a variety of spaces provided for a wide range of specific uses. Even more, a hospital requires a high level of air quality in order to keep both patients and staff comfortable and safe. Particular measures must be taken to maintain a healthy environment and this includes selecting an HVAC system. Hospital administrators have the important responsibility of ensuring that each patient has a healthy environment in which they can recover and each staff member has a safe space to perform their job. A dependable HVAC system is critical to the operation of a hospital and the care of its patients.

The LG Multi V was the optimal solution available for Preethi Hospital

A Premier Facility Requires a Premiere Solution

Preethi Hospital was established in 2007 and is one of the most reputable and advanced hospitals in southern India. This multi-specialty health care facility offers the most current and advanced technology covering specialties including orthopedics, gynecology, oncology, intensive care, transplants and cardiac care. Preethi Hospital required a unique solution that could keep occupants comfortable while, more importantly, providing a healthy environment that lived up to its standards and philosophy for health care. Ultimately, they chose to install the LG Multi V VRF solution based on LG’s reputation in hospitals throughout India and around the world. The installation at Preethi Hospital included The Multi V VRF system with indoor units for heating and cooling, LG AHU for fresh air supply and the LG Hydro Kit for hot water supply.

AHUs provide consistent fresh air and positive air pressure throughout Preethi Hospital


Fresh Air and a Safe Environment

Throughout Preethi Hospital, there are many special areas such as operation theaters, sterile areas and intensive care units that require specific conditions. Along with the Multi V system, LG AHUs with 2-stage filtration were installed to remove dangerous contaminants from the air in these parts of the hospital. The first filtration stage is able to eliminate particles at 10-20 microns and the second stage filters out particles as small as 5 microns in size. The AHUs also maintain positive pressure in these areas to provide a constant supply of fresh air and prevent cross-contamination. In addition, the Treated Fresh Air AHUs were installed to supply clean, fresh air to patient rooms and ensure a healthy recovery for the patients.

Comprehensive control improves convenience and efficiency


Performance and Control Leads to Optimal Efficiency

A healthcare facility like Preethi Hospital consumes a large amount of energy as it must continue operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Multi V VRF system offers a high-efficiency rate and high COP to improve overall energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the hospital. The heat recovery system also allows for intuitive and precise temperature control with simultaneous heating and cooling to improve efficiency further and ensure a comfortable environment for patients. The LG VRF solution at Preethi Hospital is fully integrated into the facilities BMS to make system control and maintenance more convenient. System administrators are given comprehensive control of the system with detailed scheduling, which naturally leads to higher energy efficiency. This system was recommended for Preethi Hospital due to its optimal performance and conservation of energy.

Comprehensive control improves convenience and efficiency


The LG Multi V solution has a proven track record at large-scale healthcare facilities throughout the world. The optimal performance and efficiency of this VRF system have also delivered the ideal heating and cooling solution for Preethi Hospital while creating a comfortable, safe and hygienic environment for patients and staff. We recommend the LG Multi V as it allows a facility like Preethi Hospital to operate to the best of its potential while conserving energy.


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