The Wind of LG Electronics Air Solution is Rising at Cairo Medical Center in Egypt

LG Air Solution is continuing to work with partners around the world to deliver energy efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC solutions. We had a chance to hear from Jaewoong An from the Air Solution Marketing Communication Team about his recent trip to Egypt and learn about the impact LG Air Solution is having in New Cairo. Let’s see what he has to say about meeting our valuable partners in Egypt and the solutions we have in place there.
Looking at the magnificent pyramids in Egypt, one is humbled by the great power those rulers must have had to make their slaves work tirelessly on constructing such mysteries of the world. But unlike what we’ve often been told, the people who built the pyramids were actually free men, and not slaves, according to an interesting story I recently heard.

Who built these giant pyramids?

The story describes how farmers participated in building the pyramids as a form of substitute employment during the Nile River’s flood season. It reminds me of Roosevelt, who introduced the New Deal Policy in an attempt to revive the economy and create jobs.

New Cairo, Where the Winds of Development are Rising

Several thousand years have passed and Egypt is now facing a new wind of immense development. Instead of building pyramids, a new town in the east of Cairo is planning a massive development project. Through this project, the town of New Cairo will become a metropolitan city, which is expected to accommodate up to 5 million people by 2022.

Every corner of the town is experiencing development

Countless skyscrapers will fill the city once this project is concluded and one of the most important aspects to consider when designing these skyscrapers is their HVAC solutions. This means it’s vital to include comprehensive management of indoor air, not only for cooling and heating but also ventilation, humidity, and purification. Air quality is especially important for health and business productivity in commercial buildings because many people spend a major part of their day inside.
The building I visited this time was Cairo Medical Center (CMC) in New Cairo. CMC is a mega-medical complex in which over 200 clinics are concentrated to provide a full range of medical services. This would be considered a novel system in a country like Korea where medical facilities are categorized into large, middle-and-small-sized hospitals, and clinics.
To put it simply, it looks like an apartment building big enough to hold about 400 households, with each unit being occupied by a clinic that provides medical services through its individual reservation system.

Front view of CMC

LG Air Solution Rising with the Winds of Development

What would it be like if over 200 clinics installed their own air conditioners? Not only would the back of the building look terrible covered in AC units, but it would be a serious waste of electricity with all of them running at the same time.

The extreme climate in Cairo includes dry desert air, sandstorms, and hot external temperatures. This means HVAC equipment should run around the clock and without failure. Another factor to consider at CMC is that with all the medical facilities, it’s crucial to provide clean and healthy air to those who visit for treatment and recovery.

A comfortable indoor environment begins with pleasant air

In order to provide healthy and pleasant air throughout the building, CMC chose LG Electronics’ VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) solution. To put it simply, it looks similar to the kind of central air-conditioner with which most of us are familiar. This solution combines a number of technologies to implement optimal heating and air-conditioning technologies, such as a world-class compressor developed by LG, which operates the HVAC system with non-stop high efficiency. These technologies are crucial in enabling more convenient and efficient air management.

CMC equipped with LG’s VRF solution

The Multi V Series at CMC has been proven to achieved high performance and great energy efficiency by applying high-efficiency inverter compressors developed by LG Electronics. The Multi V with LG VRF Solution was also recognized for its competitiveness soon after being implemented at CBS Columbia Square in Hollywood last November. Moreover, it was given top marks by experts in the field at BD+C, a prestigious architectural design, news, and trend journal and online portal for architects and engineers.

Another aspect that has greatly impressed administrators and representatives of the building and the doctors residing at CMC is a solution which makes an accurate billing system possible by measuring exactly how much electricity is used at each clinic. If everyone were expected to pay the same regardless of their power expenditure, the users wouldn’t find the solution very economical.

Jae-woong An
Air-Solution Marketing Communication Team,
LG Electronics

The air inside CMC was of the highest quality and comfortable compared to the hot, dry air outside. I felt proud to learn that this quality air was being provided thanks to LG’s technology. The wind of development blowing through Cairo turned out to be fresh air from LG’s air solution after all.

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