The Real Meaning of Smart Technology

Recent breakthroughs mean that the world is now full of smart appliances and products. With IoT products receiving attention and rave reviews from tech writers the world over, many consumers are considering the benefits of smart technology. Despite the fact that IoT technology remains incredibly promising, it has yet to reach its full potential in the eyes of many consumers. But what is it that really makes a technology smart?


While artificial intelligence and the latest robotics innovations are certainly noteworthy, at the end of the day smart technology should be centered on what brings convenience, efficiency and comfort to users while also taking any environmental or circumstantial fluctuations into account. By improving efficiency, effectiveness and versatility, LG’s Smart Inverter technology allows users to experience the benefits of smart technology with their everyday appliances. This heightens usability and opens up new possibilities for consumers.


LG’s latest Smart Inverter Single Split solutions are all equipped with the company’s advanced Smart Inverter technology. Unlike traditional constant speed compressors, LG’s Smart Inverter compressor brings an entirely different level of intelligence to all air solutions that it is installed in. The compressor cleverly adjusts output according to its surroundings, bringing a number of benefits including world-class energy efficiency, improved comfort and sustained reliability.


Thanks to the Smart Inverter compressor, LG’s Smart Inverter Single Split air conditioners provide considerable energy savings compared to conventional constant speed compressors. Traditional compressors normally cease operation once the set temperature has been reached, then restart when the room becomes too warm or too cold. This results in inefficient energy usage that increases electric bills. On the other hand, LG’s Smart Inverter Single Split air conditioners operate much more efficiently, slowly decreasing and increasing output depending on the outdoor and indoor temperature. This ultimately improves energy efficiency, as the air conditioner is able to intelligently control operational capacity. Moreover, LG’s Smart Inverter Compressors also boast high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER), meaning that they perform efficiently over an entire season, not just when the outdoor temperature is at a specific level. This means that consumers will save on energy over the long term, no matter how the weather changes.


In addition to slashing energy consumption, LG’s Smart Inverter technology also ensures that climate control solutions are able to achieve optimum temperatures for user comfort. While constant speed compressors often create irregular temperature differences due to their stop-start operation, LG’s Smart Inverter compressor maximizes comfort by adjusting output to ensure that room temperature remains within preset temperature ranges. With LG’s Smart Inverter Single Split air conditioners, users no longer experience temperature extremes whenever the air conditioner fluctuates between off and on.


Users will also benefit from the quick-cooling capabilities and wide operational range of LG’s Smart Inverter Single Split lineup. Thanks to its combination of temperature and pressure sensors, the Inverter Single Split air conditioners can reach the desired temperature significantly faster than their predecessors. Meanwhile, LG’s superior compressor technologies guarantee stable performance across a wide range of temperatures; from minus 5 to 46 degrees Celsius.


Staying true to the meaning of smart technology, LG’s Smart Inverter compressors allow users to experience a range of benefits, including increased efficiency and greater comfort. By bridging this gap, LG’s Smart Inverter compressors demonstrate that it is no longer necessary to prioritize eco-consciousness over performance and pave the way for a new generation of smart technology.

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