Like a Camper Van, Multi Split Offers All From one Source

When it comes to planning a family trip to a mountain, forest or river bank under a flexible schedule, using a camper van is the best idea. Compared to traveling in a car, this option offers a family of four to six optimal logistics in allowing more flexible and energy-efficient activities. A well-designed vehicle of this type can carry food, household equipment and living space without the need for separate vehicles, thus saving energy. The family can enjoy their own space in the van for a truly relaxing experience, rather than uncomfortably riding in a small car or sport-utility vehicle that does not offer the same convenience, and that often wastes resources and energy.

For residents of multi-room villas or owners of light commercial buildings, this case study of the optimal family outing can help select the best heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Like the streamlined family activities available from a more versatile vehicle, the Multi Split solution from LG Electronics is designed to deliver the greatest efficiency and flexibility to those working or living in small- to medium-size buildings or multi-room housing.

LG Multi Split: Optimal A/C Solution for Multi-room Housing

The Multi Split system provides unparalleled benefits for multi-room buildings over those of a Single Split air conditioner. This highly effective solution requires just one high-performance outdoor unit to simultaneously run up to nine indoor units. A Single Split outdoor unit, however, can power just one indoor unit, limiting the efficiency of space usage and variation of indoor units at multi-room facilities. Offering versatile A/C operations, the Multi Split system combines the technical strengths of both the Single Split and relatively larger air conditioning systems.

Unlike the Single Split solution, the Multi Split offers operational flexibility that allows the addition of indoor units at any time.1) Multi-room houses typically do not run air conditioners at full capacity every day because different spaces are used differently depending on the time of day. This means your villa may not need an outdoor unit that constantly supplies full power to every indoor unit at all time. The outdoor unit of the Multi Split runs several indoor units by supplying refrigerant alternately, while the Single Split sends power solely to one indoor unit.

The Multi Split was designed with both cost-efficiency and energy usage in mind. Users can select which rooms to equip with indoor units, adding additional units as needed without spending extra on an outdoor unit. This efficiency allows users to utilize their building space far more effectively and eliminates the need to install outdoor units cluttered around a terrace or veranda. Additionally, family members or tenants can choose the type of indoor unit from among those wall mounted or one- to four way-cassette systems. All these applications guarantee maximum HVAC performance for an apartment or other housing unit and commercial spaces such as restaurants or boutiques.

The Multi Split also features LG’s Smart Inverter technologies that raise HVAC performance to another level. Considerably enhancing energy efficiency and reliability, the Smart Sensor detects refrigerant pressure and temperature to constantly optimize compressor operation.2) Thanks to this convenience-boosting function, users can enjoy cooling up to 30 percent faster and heating up to 44 percent quicker.3) The Smart Sensor also boosts the durability of outdoor units by controlling the compressor with precise sensing on refrigerant pressure, enabling the lowering of the LG Multi Split’s field failure rate 22 percent more than those of conventional models.

LG’s High-performance Multi Split Outdoor Unit with Smart Sensors

The Smart Load Control is also designed to maximize the energy efficiency of the Multi Split, detecting outdoor temperature to adjust the refrigerant temperature supplied to the indoor unit. This results in 48 percent more energy savings than in conventional models.4) In addition to these benefits, the Multi Split boasts a state-of-the-art Internet of Things technology powered by the LG SmartThinQ home automation platform. This enables devices connected via Wi-fi to access the A/C system from anywhere, allowing users to turn the air conditioner on or off or adjust cooling or heating temperatures remotely.

For a more flexible and effective air conditioning system at small to medium-size spaces used for a variety of purposes, LG’s Multi Split is the best solution. Like a hassle-free and comfortable family trip on a well-equipped camper van, this solution offers diverse functions and space and energy efficiency in one package.

1) The number of additional indoor units varies depending on the capacity of the outdoor unit. When an outdoor unit runs the maximum number of indoor units at full capacity, the performance of indoor air conditioners can be limited depending on the rated capacity of the outdoor unit.
2) Available on outdoor unit models with certain capacity specs
3) Based on internal test data
4) Tested data when indoor unit runs cooling operation with thermostat setting of 20°C

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