LG Multi V S Receives Top Marks from Industry Experts at BD+C

Trade publication and website Building Design and Construction (BD+C) has published their second annual 101 Top Products Report and the LG Multi V S VRF 5-ton heat recovery system has made the cut. The list from BD+C gives recognition to innovative and industry changing products that stand out in their field. At LG, we are extremely proud to have one of our products selected by this prestigious organization as a stand-out solution in the industry!



A Nod from BD+C?

BD+C is a world-renowned and award-winning magazine and online portal that provides daily design and construction news, trends and other resources for architects, engineers and contractors. Being recognized by BD+C demonstrates the impact of a product in its respective industry sector and speaks volumes about the effort and innovation that went into the development of the product. BD+C editors were responsible for seeking out game-changing products as top selections for the list and the remaining products were recognized based on reader inquiries about the products over the months leading up to publication. Products receiving accolades on the list published by BD+C are categorized into Building Envelope, Building Systems, Flooring, Glass and Glazing, Interior, Plumbing, Structural, and Windows and Doors. Other products featured on the list of top products were innovations from distinguished companies such as 3M, Dupont, Delta and ThyssenKrup along with an array of small, medium and large-scale companies. We are honored that the Multi V S is featured together with the other cutting-edge solutions in the BD+C 101 Top Products Report. The compact LG Multi V S, which is ideal for installation in locations where space is at a premium such as small-scale commercial buildings, premium residential buildings, restaurants and retail shop facilities, is listed in the Building Systems category and was highlighted for its compact footprint and efficiency.


The compact footprint of Multi V S makes it ideal for residences and light commercial spaces



Multi V S: the Force Unseen

Once the compact and low-noise Multi V S units have been installed, the system can stay out of sight and out of mind. HVAC system design and configuration is paramount in architectural space design and Multi V S units are compact and light-weight while the system has extensive piping installation capabilities allowing designers for more freedom in system designs. Longer refrigerant piping means the outdoor units can be installed in remote locations in a building away from the windows or doors for more efficient design and less noise pollution in the interior of a space. The ductless Multi V S system has a minimal footprint and frees up space for unique or high-end interior designs and is also ideal for renovated historical buildings as it eliminates the need to sacrifice structural integrity.


The Performance of the Multi V S

The Multi V S has an embedded LG inverter compressor with a 15Hz-150Hz frequency range that provides efficiency and reliability for flexible residential and commercial applications. LG’s variable heat exchanger circuit intelligently determines the optimal path for both heating and cooling to maximize efficiency for all operations. Self-diagnostics also makes the system more than just efficient, but add to the convenience and reliability of the system. Fault Detection Diagnosis (FDD) capabilities including auto start-up, auto refrigerant check and black box functionality, among others, optimizes system reliability and streamlines system maintenance. Slim and light Multi V S units that range from 4hp to 12hp deliver high-capacity simultaneous heating and cooling functionality to ensure comfortable environments in diverse space designs. All you need to do is turn the system on or off and the Multi V S will handle the rest.

As recognized by BD+C, the LG Multi V S delivers a high-performance solution with a uniquely small footprint, making it ideal for residential or light commercial installations. While we are exceptionally grateful for this recognition, hearing from our customers is invaluable and we are always listening. The LG Multi V S is will continue to make its mark on the industry and we couldn’t be more proud that our product was featured by BD+C.

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