LG Canada living Case Study- The LG Multi F whole house comfort system | LG Canada

In many parts of Canada, winters are often long and harsh; sub-zero temperatures can persist for up to five or six months. As a result, necessities like a warm and comfortable home can be very costly. This was the case for Jeff Storey, a homeowner from Tide Head, New Brunswick. Storey recently made the transition away from expensive and outdated electric baseboard and propane heating solutions by installing an LG Electronics Multi F whole house comfort system. This case study sheds light on Storey’s decision to install an LG Electronics Multi F whole house comfort system and how LG’s inverter heat pumps dramatically improve home heating efficiency and performance. Finally, the video includes testimony from Mcintyre Refrigeration and Ventilation, the local HVAC company that was commissioned to install Storey’s Multi F system.

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