LG Air Solution Press Tour in MEA

As a leader in the HVAC industry, LG Electronics is strengthening its foothold as a pioneering provider of smart energy solutions in the Middle East & African (MEA) market.


Members of the Gulf Cooperation Council are increasing investment in energy infrastructure by utilizing smart grid, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia have all announced energy policies up until 2030 to maximize energy efficiency.

In tropical climates like the MEA, where temperature goes high as 50 degrees Celsius, the key to smart energy management is in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions. Representatively in Saudi Arabia, 70% of energy consumption is used in cooling compared to 48% in Europe.

To tackle such needs, LG Air Solution provides highly efficient HVAC solutions. LG’s representative line for its HVAC solution is the VRF system, MULTI V, equipped with ever powerful and reliable LG’s ultimate inverter compressors, which are vital to the efficiency of a VRF. LG inverter technology offers maximum efficiency in part load as well as full load conditions with a large range of frequency operation, and an enhanced compressors reliability. Numerous MULTI Vs are currently successfully under operation in diverse sites in the MEA region.

One example site is MEA’s first net zero energy city, the Sustainable City by Diamond Developers. Requiring a highly efficient HVAC solution, especially needing a part load operation and controlling and monitoring the AC units from a smartphone, all the challenges were met by LG – The City is now enjoying the best energy efficiency!

LG Electronics Middle East and Africa Regional President, Mr. James Lee, said “Starting from 2020, the MEA region is welcoming key momenta with numerous international events and government-led construction projects that can lead to high demand in energy solutions. With LG’s smart energy solutions that can maximize energy efficiency, we will contribute to the changeover of MEA cities to become intelligent.”

LG Air Solution boasted its technical excellence at the press tour held in MEA

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