Groundbreaking LG Cassette Air Conditioner Receives Prestigious Red Dot Design Award

LG U-Style 1 Way Cassette Air Conditioner Acknowledged for its Remarkable Convenience-enhancing Design

LG’s U-Style 1 Way Cassette received the 2015 Red Dot Design Award, upholding the company’s legacy of pioneering design. With its distinguished design and innovative technology, the U-Style 1 Way Cassette ceiling-mounted air conditioner has been recognized for its excellence in the product design category for its appealing design as well as its convenience-enhancing features.

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The stylish design of the U-Style 1 Way Cassette makes it stand out from the competition. The front of the unit is composed of several smooth panels, and the thin, U-shaped edges give the air conditioner a sleek, slim profile. Not only does this slim appearance allow the U-Style 1 Way Cassette blend in with any interior, but its minimal size reduces the structural demands of mounting the air conditioner. The matte finished surface of the U-Style 1 Way Cassette prevents the air conditioner from reflecting light and gives it a pleasing appearance that looks natural in any indoor environment.

Though the U-Style 1 Way Cassette is a ceiling mounted air conditioner, it provides ultimate comfort to users as it does not require any separation from the ceiling when being installed, inspected or repaired. With the U-Style 1 Way Cassette’s innovative cover attached to both sides of the air conditioner, users can easily open the air conditioner and remove its grille of the air conditioner. The LG U-Style 1 Way Cassette’s grille boasts lightweight, simplified fastening hooks that enable users to easily remove dust from the filter and the grille.

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The creative design of the U-Style 1 Way Cassette also helps the air conditioner perform more effectively and efficiently. The U-Style 1 Way Cassette is designed to project air currents farther and the protective grille enhances air intake, improving the air conditioner’s cooling and heating performance. The U-Style 1 Way Cassette allows for greater customization, enabling users to select one of six directional settings for air flow and also boasting an impressive 20 to 70 degree angle. The air conditioner’s circular integral display contains 3 different colors of LED and allows users to check on the status of the U-Style 1 Way Cassette with just a quick glance.

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“We are extremely proud that the U-Style 1 Way Cassette received the 2015 Red Dot Design Award,” said Jae Sung Lee, President of the LG System Air Conditioning Business Unit. “LG has always been committed to providing it global customer base with exceptional HVAC products. With its cutting-edge design and convenience-enhancing features, the LG U-Style 1 Way Cassette air conditioner stands out from the competition. LG will continue our proactive efforts to develop innovative products at the forefront of modern technologies.”

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