Decorate Your Home For Christmas: An Easy DIY Project to Ring in the Christmas Cheer This Holiday

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Christmas is just around the corner and 2017 will soon be over. How was 2017 for you? Did you have a fruitful year? With this blog, we strived to introduce diverse LG Air Solution products and help you understand the technologies within them throughout the year. We also presented interesting spaces around the world equipped with LG Air Solution technology and discussed issues that have become international topics on our blog.
But let’s lay LG Air Solution aside for a bit and feel the festive vibe of the season. Today, we would like to show you simple ways to add a seasonal atmosphere to your home with an easy DIY project!

[DIY #1] Shrinkles Christmas Tree Ornament


What you need: A clear plastic ornament, shrinkles papers, colored pencils, a black marker, salt, twine, cotton, pinecones


Step 1. Sketch the pictures you want to use in the ornament and cut out the pictures.


Step 2. Bake the shapes in the oven.

* When you draw, consider that shrinkles paper will become seven times thicker and seven times smaller after baking it.

Step 3. Glue them to the inside of the plastic ball and decorate some more with the cotton and pinecones.


Step 4. Add salt to create a snow effect and close the plastic ball.


Step 5. Attach the twine to the ball to create a hook.


And your ornament is finished!!


[DIY #2] Easy Mason Jar Snow Globes


What you need: A mason jar, twine, cotton, glitter, small twigs, glycerin, purified water, decorations.


Step 1. Attach a desired decoration to the lid and add twigs and cotton to the decorations.


Step 2. Fill the mason jar with glycerin and water.


Step 3. Add glitter to the mason jar.


Step 4. Put the lid on the mason jar.


And your ornament is finished!!


How do you like these simple ways to decorate your house so that you can feel the seasonal vide at home?

You might have noticed it already, but these DIY ornaments we just introduced has various LG Air Solutions we have shown you on this blog, just like hidden LG HVAC products at large shopping malls, hotels, residential spaces, factories, and office buildings are running to create a pleasant atmosphere for you.

LG Air Solution will be by your side in the coming year. Have a happy holiday season!


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