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LG Electronics is bringing its inverter technology based home electronic devices to the Indonesian market. This inverter technology has been implemented in a wide range of products including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens.


This move by LG marks a concerted effort to expand the marketing of inverter technology based household electronic devices. The dynamic series of LG inverter technology products were exhibited at a conference called LG All Inverter Launch 2017 held at the Sangri La Hotel in Jakarta on April 11 of this year. Visitors from all over Indonesia were present to learn more about the technology and view the products presented at the conference. The event included a tour of the exhibition, product introductions, recognition for the success of local dealers and other entertainment.


Product Introduction


Highlighting Inverter Technology Efficiency


Inverter technology has been proven to run more efficiently and conserve energy and the focus on the Indonesian market by LG serves as a form of corporate support for an expansive energy-conservation campaign recently launched by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. LG has been developing its innovative inverter technology for years and promoting it in the Indonesian market. But LG realizes that only marketing the energy efficiency of the technology is not enough to make it a successful venture in Indonesia. LG also focuses on the health benefits and promotion of modern lifestyles exhibited by its inverter technology line of products.


“The whole collection illustrates the success of the technology as well as LG’s vision to develop inverter technology application as a higher level,” said Jaeyoung Lee, President of PT. LG Electronics Indonesia.


Exhibition Tour


LG’s inverter technology is the core technology behind such products as the LG DualCool Inverter air conditioner, the LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, the LG TwinWash washing machine and the LG NeoChef microwave. The event proved a success and serves as a testament to LG’s commitment to the Indonesian market.


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