National Rescue Committee

Office/Hanoi, Vietnam

The Office of the Vietnam National Search & Rescue Committee is housed in an eight-story building located in the district of Long Bien in the city of Hanoi. This facility is one of the most important government offices in Vietnam, and is involved in coordinating search and rescue operations following natural disasters.

The client urgently needed a high level HVAC solution that wa fitting to its status as a goverments office. for this reason, the optimal comfort for the work environment, high energy-efficiency and long-term reliability were the key requirements. The engineer of this building specifically commented that as LG is a global leader in VRF technology, he felt comfortable giving LG the full authority to solve all the related problems.

To provide an optimal air-conditioning environment for the National Search & Rescue Committee, LG Electronics utilized its LATS CAD design program, which can be applied to design HVAC products faster and more accurately. Based on its installation inspection and evaluation, LATS CAD aims to minimize all problems that may occur at the time of installation and operation. In accordance with the requirements above, LG Electronics has selected Multi V IV and the indoor unit that is appropriate for its category. The four-way ceiling-cassette indoor units that were installed at this building’s co-working space, lobby, meeting rooms, other public facilities, etc. are well-matched with the interior design while maintaining a quiet space and enabling smooth operation with space-optimized cooling performance. LG Multi V IV System is superior in terms of both stability and durability, and can recover easily and quickly when problems occur.
As it uses the latest central-controlled air-conditioning system technology, LG Multi V IV gives clients a high level of confidence.

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